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  2. RT @winglets747: Lufthansa and Etihad: equity tie up could further align mutual strategy, but marriage unlikely

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  4. Well its nice to be small...we all r.

  5. If InfoConnect is taking place it isn't taking place at the Kuwait International Fairgrounds
  6. RT @GaziMumbai: Rishton mein garmahat barqaraar rakhiye .. Mausam to abhi aur sard hoga

  7. @AnanAbdullatif for real

  8. #MuhammadAli had a beautiful name. Here is the meaning of it;

  9. RT @Beesa1: "50 is not the new 30. 50 is 50 and Fifty is GOOD"

  10. I think that LTE popularity due to it's speed , availability , price comparing to ISP internet just killed any interest from people and the also by fixing the prices of DSL/fiber from the goverment also killed any competition , I Think for those reason internet companies dont want to spend money just to gain at best 10 new customers.
  11. RT @ToddMartinMMA: WWE was in a tough position, but the glowing tribute to Snuka with absolutely no acknowledgement of the woman he murdere…

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  13. RT @jonostrower: Gene Cernan, Apollo 17 commander & the last human to set booted-foot on the Moon, has died. He was 82.

  14. #Quran is divided into chapters that are called suras #ep3_M&S

  16. I didn't post it on my events page because there is no reliable source that has posted about the event. if the actual infoconnect instagram and the KIF instagram don't have it posted then it doesn't look like its actually taking place
  17. A four year old knows the word pilot rather than driver. Why must writers always write children as stupid as opposed to innocent?

  18. RT @WildlifeTrusts: Some lobsters can live more than 60 years. #LoveWildlife

  19. @omanair suggestion for improving your app: would be more helpful if the app showed an actual calendar with days of…

  20. @srl @_shahrukh when it was amrut n not mannat ...

  21. I know and saw that, was wondering why it is not on your "Events" list. Anyone with any more Info on Info-connect ... Seriously?!! Are they going to announce it in News-paper?!!
  22. RT @mookieghana:

  23. RT @HenCorner:

  24. I think you nailed it there. Thanks guys, I feel better about my house now
  25. RT @bank_muscat: بنك مسقط يعلن عن النتائج المالية الأولية لعام 2016م حيث حقق البنك ربحاً صافياً قدره (176.56) مليون ريال عماني #بنك_مسقط

  26. It's a fact that No human speech can match Quran in its content and form #ep3_M&S

  27. whats a skype tv camera?
  28. i think its common, sometimes its colder inside than out, probably has something to do with the fact we use concrete and no insulation?
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