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  2. RT @OxfordWords: Word of the Day: amazeballs

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  4. @THEAnimeHERO Hey Anime Hero, Cyborg 009 The Cyborg Soldier, Ashita No Joe & Hells(Anime Movie) Got Licenced By Discotek!!

  5. RT @filmystic: #OnePerfectShot The Time Traveler's Wife (2009) | dir. Robert Schwentke | cinematographer: Florian Ballhaus…

  6. Kuwait cityscape

  7. I’m ready to engage with my 2 new followers in the past week. I know them via

  8. @TheWayneFarrell I quit drinking regularly 17 years ago. Now once in a blue moon i crave a drink, often more than a…

  9. Quran is the #Muslims' guide #ep3_M&S

  10. RT @Hypnogoria: This is the best photo you will see today - a 19th century lighthouse keeper and his cat!

  11. RT @Bluetail007: Adonis Blue at Martin Down..@ukbutterflies @Team4Nature300

  12. RT @robdelaney: eating pussy thru glory hole then wall collapses & you discover you've just been sucking on network of skin tags in Steve B…

  13. Bush dog

  14. I just added JoJo's Bizarre Adven... to my library! #tvtime

  15. "Best Mexican Food in Kuwait" #FoursquareFind @ chilipepper

  16. Muslims are sure that the #Quran is a miracle #ep3_M&S

  17. RT @a4afzaal: Retweet if you've never seen GOT

  18. RT @APWestRegion: What is "antifa?" AP answers questions about the anti-fascist movement that protested in Virginia.

  19. @MrFalconnPunch I've Read manga Called Black Angels. It's Cool Manga & Its From 80's. But unfortunately only 5 chap…

  20. Gladstone Pottery Museum

  21. Another wonderful #NHS experience. Saw a doctor within an hour of calling them. Free prescription. Smooth, sexy socialism.

  22. RT @s_leda: @JenaC2

  23. Learn Colors with My Talking Tom Colours for Kids Animation Education Is

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  25. Just the one new follower today found welcome tracked by

  26. @mohammadyousifi استاذ يوسف، الله يديم الأمان علينا كلنا. يا ريت كان هذا اخطر شي عندنا و لكن للأسف هذا كان فقط خبر…

  27. While performing sujood bow your heart along with your body and submit to the Creator – feel your salah. Make each salah special.

  28. Cormorant

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