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  2. Don't show me your hairy pussy too

  3. RT @nickchester: Oh my god, The Who killed Tupac? I did NOT see that one coming AT ALL.

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  5. RT @Strange_Animals: The reef stonefish is the most venomous fish in the world. (Photo: A. Leyde)

  6. RT @OnePerfectShot: 'Spaceballs' turns 30 this weekend. It's entirely possible that these guys are still out there combing the desert. htt…

  7. in Arabic #Quran is regarded as the finest piece of literature #ep3_M&S

  8. @ChaseByKO I fucking KNEW Pico was getting stopped. Oh God how I laughed.

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  10. The #Quran's verses are divided into ayahs #ep3_M&S

  11. RT @nytimes: Opinion: We catalogued nearly every outright lie Donald Trump has told publicly since taking the oath of office…

  12. RT @verge: The next iPhone will have wireless charging, according to Apple supplier

  13. 1 tweep unfollowed (goodbye!) me in the past week. Thank you

  14. World Taekwondo Federation changes name over 'negative connotations'

  15. @JustinMcElroy Distribution was clearly a planned exercise. Possible that he chose all kids but then why choose dou…

  16. RT @RoganBarbara: Did you know that reading to dogs makes them 10 times more likely to get a college degree? #BringYourDogToWorkDay https:/…

  17. Enjoying Tea After Iftar!!

  18. RT @weird_sci: Albert Einstein: "Only 2 things are infinite: the Universe, and human stupidity. And I'm not sure about the Universe."

  19. Just the one unfollower today found tracked by

  20. Muslims believe that #Quran is a great miracle to Muhammad #ep3_M&S

  21. @karimalhinai التغير حصل منذ عامين عندما غيرت مجموعة ماجد الفطيم هويتها التجارية و وضعت شعارها الجديد على كل مشاريع…

  22. I just backed Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2: 100 new bedtime stories from Nefertiti to @beyonce + a Podcast!

  23. Bitches get fucked doggy style ig they need to learn more

  24. @BigManInOman Heard it's closed for Ramadan

  25. RT @Reuters: Russian ForMin: high degree of certainty IS leader is dead - RIA

  26. RT @SimonHallNews: Boys at Isca Academy in Exeter wear skirts to school in protest at not being allowed to wear shorts in hot weather. http…

  27. RT @120yearz: I'm not a cop but I'll frisk you

  28. RT @DamacOfficial: History is made! DAMAC has been chosen for a $ 1 billion transformation of the historic Port Sultan Qaboos in Oman. http…

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