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  2. RT @verge: This artificial womb successfully grew baby sheep — and humans could be next

  3. @ActionAlan Dragons deal was actually made by Channel 4 though so it's cool.

  4. RT @causticbob: Mohammed never actually specified that the 72 virgins would be women.

  5. @AnanAbdullatif @Omantel It was working perfectly for about four months since they installed. Speed's not bad, usua…

  6. RT @Zareh3000: Radiohead covered Gasolina and now they're my favorite band of all time

  7. Cultural center

  8. RT @WHOYemen: Today is #WorldMalariaDay! Nearly 68% of #Yemen's population are at risk of #malaria. #EndMalariaForGood…

  9. RT @figaar_: #FemalePersective #Had_I_Been_A_Woman

  10. RT @ahmed: Spare a thought for the hundreds of bankers trapped in the luxury hotels of Riyadh and Dhahran working on Aramco IPO https://t.c…

  11. RT @ChrisGPackham: It's #WorldPenguinDay so please visit and help @BirdLife_News conserve these fab favourite birds…

  12. RT @AdvancedMaushi: I want my boss to punish me with 30% appraisals.

  13. RT @al_jufaili: Me: here is my business card He: awesome! I'm adding you to WhatsApp broadcast list, you will get, morning, Juma, Diwali, x…

  14. Muslims are sure that #Quran is an amazing miracle from Allah #ep3_M&S

  15. RT @mipaltan: Talking about finishes, Hardik Pandya, our finisher this season walks out to join Rohit. #MIvRPS #CricketMeriJaan #MI

  16. Article 308: Jordan to scrap marriage loophole for rapists

  17. RT @IranAir_IRI: #IranAir will not receive the #B777 that wasn't delivered to Turkish Airlines.

  18. @beINSPORTS_MENA i need compensation on missing the game after paying for monthly subscription & i promise i wont…

  19. Every child is born on the natural state of Islam. Let us be careful parents and ensure our children stay on it  and reach Paradise

  20. RT @nationaltrust: Nothing says relaxation like the sound of birdsong – our top places to find that quiet spot: htt…

  21. Aao vada pav khao aur jao...#mi #IPL2017

  22. Just posted a video @ Ras El Ard Club

  23. RT @unfitforpurpose: Oh look, the most predictable thing in the world happened.

  24. Blue mosque

  25. @M7arthy95 Please DM

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  27. Muslims are sure the #Quran is the right guidance #ep3_M&S

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