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  2. Another wonderful #NHS experience. Saw a doctor within an hour of calling them. Free prescription. Smooth, sexy socialism.

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  4. Just the one new follower today found welcome tracked by

  5. @mohammadyousifi استاذ يوسف، الله يديم الأمان علينا كلنا. يا ريت كان هذا اخطر شي عندنا و لكن للأسف هذا كان فقط خبر…

  6. While performing sujood bow your heart along with your body and submit to the Creator – feel your salah. Make each salah special.

  7. Cormorant

  8. RT @supdeeps: Nvm he voted for trump

  9. #Muslims believe that the preaching of the #Quran is rewarded with divine rewards #ep3_M&S

  10. @JShukaili ليش تدخل عمان لما خلاص ربحت ٣٢٥ مليون ريال من عمان من غير ما تدخلها؟

  11. @Kakka_ji_kahin @Alllahdin Angels week

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  13. RT @cameronesposito: Wanted to tell u what having a show on Seeso allowed us to do. I am so proud of #TakeMyWife.

  14. RT @Iffoid: Nice to finally see some Common Blues today - my first this year! @savebutterflies

  15. RT @Sophie2078: You can't love forever. It's too painful.

  16. @teach_econ #1 kids college education #2 post-retirement income

  17. @JuliaMZoeller @caitrionambalfe Standard greeting used as hello but also means welcome.

  18. RT @RAWK_Meltdown: New season. New meltdowns. Let's go...

  19. TIL that the Omani law doesn't exempt parodies from copyright violation

  20. Muslims are sure #Quran is the book of divine guidance #ep3_M&S

  21. Kam pi

  22. @JHagholm1 @ryansatin maybe they should put the belt on jesus

  23. RT @scienmag: Biologist vs Astronomer

  24. 3 tweeps unfollowed (goodbye!) me in the past week. Thank you

  25. RT @Duqm_Refinery: Amec Foster Wheeler appointed as the Project Management Consultant for the EPC Phase of Duqm Refinery…

  26. RT @Slade: The Trump/Peña Nieto convo contains literally the best definition of the Spanish language ever spoken ht…

  27. Some scholars state that In #Quran there are scientific information that agrees with modern science #ep3_M&S

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