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  2. "Why are guys always so horny and stupid" Okay. I get it now.

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  4. God created man, and said "perfect!" He then created woman, stepped back, had a long look and said "Fuck me! this'll have to wear make up!"

  5. Breck Bednar: Play tells story of boy who met his killer online

  6. @nibaq

  7. Blue mosque, Turkey

  8. RT @brianboom135: Retweet if you want Robbie Lawler to beat Colby ????

  9. My home Vihanga 2 bhk flat designs done by icraft designz !!! Budget : 8 lakhs Doing factor…

  10. RT @piyush_speaks: जैसे हर आदमी के पास अपना टैम्पू नही होता, वैसे ही बाथरूम में गिरा हर सफेद चीज डव शैम्पू नही होता।????????

  11. RT @Love_plants: Will 2019 be a good or bad year for butterflies? Help @savebutterflies by taking part in the Big #ButterflyCount https://…

  12. @mla3b6ah اخضر ????????????

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  14. Tomin Hiroba, Tokyo

  15. We are happy to announce that we designed for Subbu -2Bhk flat !! thanks for approaching us !!! Apartment name : P…

  16. RT @CulturedRuffian: Facebook was down today, so I had to write down all my snarky comments on post-it notes and pass them out to strangers…

  17. RT @nationaltrust: And breathe. Where’s the place you go to feel the stresses of life melt away? #PlacesMatter

  18. RT @alnassar_kw: كلام من ذهب

  19. RT @eslam_bedeer: مدغشقر اتأهلت و انتو لا يا معفنييييييين???????? #مدغشقر

  20. Dazzling...

  21. @MayaRao @iiSherry Yes they are still there. There’s one near my house. Or you can take them directly to Dar Al Att…

  22. Kisi Haseen Khawab Ne Hume Sone Na Diya, Is Kadar Kiya Hain Usne Apna, Ke Kisi Aur Ka Hone Na Diya..

  23. RT @_Zeets: I don't see the problem here

  24. Why Bonsai Are So Expensive | So Expensive via @YouTube

  25. The Grove resort, India

  26. RT @docshayji: في عصر انكسار وضعف النظام العربي.ثلث الدول العربية في خلاف من صنعنا-لنزداد ضعفا! خلاف #السعودية و #الإمارات و #البحربن و #م…

  27. Sad news. I read MAD magazine religiously when I was a teen. I even subscribed and the issues would taken months to…

  28. Top interior Designers in Hyderabad

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