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    Just download the .apk , Oh wait, your using an iPhone. Looooool. Enjoy your closed, limited, sandboxed device.
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    Some other shots; Contrast. by Advertainment, on Flickr Would love to get some feedback! Cheers
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    (Will post updates to the thread Surrey & Kuwait) We've been denied water for the past two days. Here I thought it was the gov't doing it..as if there was a shortage. But this morning, there was a big red sticker stuck on the building. It basically says the owner has not paid the water bill or something according to my husband's terse translation. Turns out, he has not paid it in over 17 years! And now he is increasing all of our rents by 70KD. He Is threatening not to pay the water bill unless the whole building pays the rent on the 1st. Is it legal for him to use water as a threat to get $$? Im so pissed...but have no idea what to do. This sucks with 4 kids and an 8 month old baby. Any and all advice would be greatly appreciated AND replied to! xoxox ps. Does anyone know of a 2 bedroom apartment under 350KD?
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    Mark, please bring back the old one.
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    check out any of the chalets on a weekend ...
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    Guys to help and update you and save you some headache.All EMS and USPS express mail now goes to Hateen Post office. The post office is located next to the Hatten Co-op. You will see a small EMS sign outside the building. When you go in go left (near the stamp machine box) there is a room with some guys on the computer they will first check if your package has arrived. If it arrived he will write the date down on a paper. Give that paper to the front desk and tell them whether it's a box or envelope. After that he will go get your package in the back. You sign a form with a copy of your civil ID. Then you take your package to customs area in the back on right side. Once clear you pay the 1kd stamp from the machine. Much easier than traffic congested Khaifan. But remember it's for EMS or USPS mail. Normal mail still gets sent to khaifan
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    So I've been vaping for a few months now and was wondering how is the vaping scene in Kuwait doing. I recently moved to mods from e-go cigs (because those things are too flimsy and whatnot) and I'm completely loving it, I've been a cigarette smoker for around 5 years now but vaping has more or less been keeping my cigarette usage down to almost nothing. Me setup so far: Sigelei Telescopic 13 with mini vivi nova tank, vaping on (pretty terrible) Dekang Cherry. What about you guys? What are your setups? How did you find the whole vaping experience?
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    Hi all, It will be very helpful if someone can give me the directions to Mubarak Al Kabeer Muroor... or if you have a google map will also be much helpful. Thanks
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    I have recently moved to a place very near this beach and would love to swim regularly in the sea, but everything I've read on this blog or other places on-line suggest this is a bad idea due to pollution. But, all that information is at least 4 years old if not older and much of it anecdotal based on no evidence whatsoever. Does anyone have any up-to-date information regarding water quality, I'm mostly worried about the dangers from pollution and sewage rather than jet skiis or kite surfers. I've been to the beach a few times and haven't noticed any bad smells or anything like that, but I haven't seen anyone doing any real swimming either, just standing around in the water. I've entered the Flying Start Triathlon, so I'm keen to swim in the sea regularly to improve my ability but don't want to spend half the time ill due to swallowing sewage! Any insight would be appreciated.
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    Did you see the news on tv? They do not collect the garbage in Lebanon for almost a month and people are about to lose their mind that they even injured military members in the name of environmentalism. I wonder when snapchat will be live from Lebanon. http://www.dailystar.com.lb/News/Lebanon-News/2015/Aug-24/312467-from-overflowing-dumpsters-to-a-protest-movement.ashx
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    Is there anyway to claim the VAT back from these retailers?many websites automatically exclude the VAT but there are some who have no Idea about it and they ask me to contact the local tax office,any help on this would be really appreciated because the savings are like almost 20% when the VAT is excluded and the sneakers I'm looking for are deadstock everywhere except a few retailers in Europe and UK that dont exclude the VAT. p.s:Does anyone know about the courier service DPD?do they deliver to Kuwait?does anyone have any experience?like is it door to door or postoffice like? thanks
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    What do you guys think about getting married?
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    Link: http://dohahamadairport.com/airport-guide/at-the-airport/visas-immigration Can any one confirm this? I have not been to Qatar yet and was wondering as a Kuwaiti do I need a visa to visit Qatar or not! Edit: Found further information: http://portal.www.gov.qa/wps/portal/topics/Visas%2C+Passports%2C+Official+Documents/visas I can not find the visa fees though to visit Qatar!
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    Good morning folks This morning I drove all the way to the Saudi border in Salmy and came back. I wanted to cross the border but unsure of what really is waiting for me there. I want to drive all the way to Dubai/Saudi Arabia by car exclusively for the experience of traveling by car. Any recommendations on how to plan this itinerary? This site is useful for me, but not rwally sure how many hours/days it would take to drive all the way there: http://www.distancesfrom.com/kw/distance-from-Kuwait-to-dubai/DistanceHistory/909228.aspx?IsHistory=1&GMapHistoryID=909228
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    Hello; My mother is going for eye surgury in AlBahar Eye Center. She had eye surgury in government hospitals but it still get back to its bad condition. What am asking iis where is the best eye hospital/doctor to go too? Mowasat Hospital has alot concerning how great they are eye stuff. Regards;
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    New series shot during the Holi festival in North India. Out of the storm by Advertainment, on Flickr
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    I've been ordering shipments from the internet for the past 15-20 yrs actually, and I have a box id with aramex, before today I thought aramex should be the fastest shipping or one of the fastest because it is a running company and it should ideally be better than the goverments (usually free shipping). But I was wrong, and I couldn't believe it, until I tested it myself, you know what. If you order via a company like aramex it will cost double the money and it will take twice as long. Here's the story. On February the 4th, I went to a website to order two identical things for me and my friend, and I decided just for the fun of it to use two different carriers to see which will arrive first, and also to know for myself which is the best, the free one, or the solo company one, and I must admit I was sooooooo surprised with the result. So I bought two identical items, that weight the same, and from the same state in the U.S. the same store actually, different bills to different names tho, one for my friend, and one for my friend. I've used Aramex for one item, and I've used normal delivery option and the country address/code for the second item this delivery usually cost nothing or so little, and when it arrives to Kuwait you don't pay extra, as opposed to aramex where you pay also a little to deliver from America to America's aramex address, but then when it arrives you pay again here in the aramex office depending on the weight, usually for my item it's 12kd. Anyway, the result was shocking. #1 Goverment Free Shipping. 4th February both items departed from the store. Goverment delivery (free) took 3 days traveling from state to state On 7th of February it arrived to Dubai On 8th of February it arrived to Kuwait - Here it could take few days if the employee is slacking. But if you are current you can actually go ahead and take your shipment by yourself, which I did. So I received my item on the 9th of February using the free goverment carrier here. #2 Now lets see aramex. 4th February item departed store heading toward another state 6th February item now arrives to Springfield gardens, the aramex store in newyork. 7th February Still there (weekend) 9th February Still stuck there (weekend) 11th of February I called them, it should be in Kuwait by now. But no, It's still in America and he says they are still (Sorting) the packages. and I promise you it will still be there tomorrow, in America, in their aramex store. Point of the story is, guys you can use the goverment ship, and it will arrive sooner than you think it would. No need to use these 3rd party carrier companies. specially Aramex, avoid this one. I mean if you think of it, technically a 3rd party company should be faster, better, and arrives earlier, because it also cost more, or else WHY Should you use it right? If it costs more, and it arrives slower, it just doesn't make sense, and doesn't add up right
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    Ok so I should have made a reservation for a nice restaurant for me and my wife and I forgot, and now everywhere I call I get told that it's full and I can't get a table. I want a special place thats nice and classy or my wife wont be happy in saturday, somewhere around the city, I don't want fahaheel or somewhere far. Help me out guys, thanks
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    I'm moving back to Kuwait towards the end of the year from the US and I have a 3 month old mini-poodle. I have no idea what Kuwait is like with bringing in pets, I'll be flying with Kuwait Airways from JFK. I'm hoping to be able to register Floyd (my pup) as a service dog, in hopes that it'd be easier to travel with him (except would Kuwait Airlines consider 'service' dogs a real thing? lol). thanks!
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    Last night i passed by a checkpoint and got my car impounded for having a sticker in my door panels. The traffic police told me to go jabriya to settle my fine. Has anyone experienced this? How long would they impound my car? How much would it cost me to get my car back? Thank you.
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    Yes you are getting ripped off unfortunately. The most critical factor is how aggressive you are driving. If you accelerate as hard as you can from stop lights and rev the car into oblivion every chance you get then you should probably change it every 3000KM to err on the side of safety. If you drive reasonably then you can go up to a interval of 8,000-12,000KM or more. It is preferable to change th filter along with the oil, but if it's an inconveniece then you can do it every other time, as long as the odometer has passed the first 10,000KM; anything less and I would change the filter along with the oil.
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    helmet and full armored leathers winter is coming so no excuse, you will fall no maybe about it, then get the ninja 300, ktm 390, cbr300/500, yamaha r3 or the rtr 180, the only problem with the apache 180 is 120 top speed i cant ride it in the strechs or highways, i ride mine between 1am-5am, get one with abs and 250-500cc skip the apache, but its cheaper if you just want to learn on it and abuse it, practice locking ur front/back wheels it will save you later, never brake in a corner, the bike can always lean more, aviod target fixation i didnt think this was a big one but i learned the hard way always look where you want to go, one last thing people dnt see you at all and sometimes they do and just dont give a fuck so always cover ur brakes and have an escape plan.
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    Opened this post hoping to see a flying puppy...
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    i guess your princess pony picture is a bit deceiving
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    Look , we have established this many times before. Buying a car is like getting married.. and with marriage, you don't only marry the girl, but also her family. The Challenger's family (Dodge dealership in Kuwait) are unwelcoming, unhelpful and unpleasant to deal with. I don't see why would you risk so much money, effort, and time over what will end up as terrible relationship. You'll end up here like many before you ranting about their bad experience with the Dodge dealership and then try to sell the car for 6,000 dinars and claim you only bought it to sell it. Plenty of fish in the sea, move on. Maybe you'll get together in another life.
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    yep called badal talif (replacement of damaged) i think its 5kd.
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    Does anyone else find the new "market" just too complicated, with all those catogories. I for one prefer the "what people are selling". Anyone else?
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    Don't know about tobacco but its good for other stuff too.
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    Well the categories are meant to simplify things. When the section originally started "what people are selling" worked really well since not a lot of people were posting but over the past couple of years the section became larger and larger and much more difficult to control and keep updated. It was also getting difficult to find stuff and things that were still for sale were being pushed back pages because of the amount of new stuff being added. With the new market its going to be easier to find what you want, you don't need to register to post or even email the seller and more importantly it's going to be able to handle a lot more stuff. Give it some time, even I'm not used to it myself.
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    Hey everyone. The new forum is up and it's ready to use. The old forum was using a software called phpbb while the new forum is based on one called Invision Power Board. Because of that I had to run a converter to convert the phpbb database to work with the IPB database and I don't think anything got lost... except for your avatars. But hopefully that shouldn't too big an issue. The new forum is much more user friendly to use, it's got a lot of nice features and generally looks better and works better in every way possible. I'm generally not a fan of change and the forum has been around forever with the same look so it will be a bit difficult getting used to the new look. I tried my best to use a similar color scheme so it doesn't feel too out of place and I'm hoping all of us will get used to the new forum very quickly. Finally, there has been one major change and that's with the name. From today the forum will no longer be called the forum but instead be called the community. I originally had to come up with a different name because I didn't want to install and test the new forum software under the same domain as the previous board but I've grown to like the name community better. Hope everyone likes the new board and I'm hoping this change will attract more users as well. Enjoy it!
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    I am expecting the next round for lens selection, and the heart-breaking stories involved in making the final choice, as the 17-50 just does not cut it for portrait/telephoto work, and the kit lens is too slow.
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    Hi angvil When it comes to equipment I would suggest for a starter something that has some battery protection unless you understand Ohm's law, the equipment available online is endless, regarding flavour that depends on your taste, fruit cereal, desert & even tobacco flavours(they don't really taste like cigarettes). The basics of vaping is finding the right machine/set up that you like & the flavour your happy with. I personally started with the little pen type(soon upgraded) and now use a kangertech subox mini. I like desert type flavours. Look back in this topic and you see I was advised a place in salmiya or jawi.com.
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    I made an order and this is what the tracking says now,the tracking number is CJ507734234US. What do I do now? Where do I pickup my package from?
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    Here a couple of pictures from my trip to Portugal. All except for the first pic were taken with Leica M9 and Voigtloander 50mm. The first picture was taken with the amazing Ricoh GR. As always, appreciate feedback Pena National Palace by Dalal Al-Mutawa, on Flickr Wedding/Street Photography by Dalal Al-Mutawa, on Flickr Porto Couple by Dalal Al-Mutawa, on Flickr Fado Music-1 by Dalal Al-Mutawa, on Flickr
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    I saw a 2007 Infiniti M45 from a car reseller in Salmiya via an ad on Q8cars. on 1st of August, I took said car to Al Ramal Al Asly for inspection and paid them KD 35 to have my car inspected. Their report said that the engine was at 70% efficiency. The guy asked me to do a full service and said the car is otherwise in good condition. I transferred the car over on the 2nd of August and took the car to the Infiniti service center on the 3rd. I spend KD 455 on major maintenance, replacing spark plugs, replacing a few pulleys that were noisy etc. While driving around i noticed that there was a vibration and rpm fluctuation at idle so i took the car to get the engine and gear mounts changed on the 8th. I Spent another KD 200 and the vibration hadn't stopped. While the tech was analyzing the car via the ECU, a knocking sound started coming from the engine. The engine needed to be opened and checked. Infiniti is charging me KD 650 in labour and up to KD 1500 in parts to fix the engine and they've already begun the work. All this for a car that i paid KD 2500 for. They showed me the opened engine and it's in quite a bad state. Butterfly valves of two of the cylinder's intakes have broken. One went into the piston and the other is completely missing. Probably disintegrated within the engine. Now i assume that there is some level of accountability for the inspection company? I went back to them and they said the report says there is timing chain sound and automatic valve sound. I've checked with Infiniti and both of these can be fixed easily and are not at all related to the piston damage INSIDE the engine. If the inspection company has no responsibility whats from stopping me or anyone else from opening a shop and telling people their cars are fine? This is a scam and people are being ripped off. I for one relied on their inspection while making the decision to buy the car. I'm considering filing a complaint with the consumer protection agency. Does anyone know if there is any point in doing so and how i could go about it?
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    Price/performance ratio is for people who can't afford a Mac. Sorry.
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    Hi All I need some advice regarding visa transfer from one company to another without leaving kuwait. Actually i have successfully completed my 3yr in my current company which i believe makes me eligible for visa transfer according to kuwait labor law but my company management has denied me transfer saying that they brought me from india so similar if i want to go to another company i need to go to india and ask for new visa. They say that they will never give me release so i was wondering what are my chances if i go to shoon. Will i get release as my company has threaten me that if i go they will black list my name and i wont be able to come kuwait ever in my life. I need advice as for last three year i havnt got any increment n also i have been transferred to another designation which i was not hire for. I have never complaint about anything in this last three year and i had respectfully did all my duties n responsibilities with honesty. My life is being waste as currently working in a completely different designation which wont even help me in my future as i am not interest in such area. My former company said that they cant wait till for cancellation of new then send a new visa for me as it will take more than 6month. In such a case i hardly expect any company will be willing to give me new visa. So i need some advice. Can there be any legal action against visa transfer in my favor or should i just give in and stay in my current company working as sumthin i dnt like forever or go to my home country n look for new visa. Which obviously gona cost me alot of time and money. Or should i go to shoon and ask for legal advice. Note: I had come to kuwait on my own visa had an interview and got hire in my current company but at that time they said the company file is close so i need to go to my home country and they will send me a new visa which they did. But tehcnically what my company is saying that they brought me from my home country i totally wrong, the reason behind this is that they dont want to give me release so they are just making excuses as before i have seen many employees were giving release easily.
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    I hate you guys . Its a nice car in my opinion. Answer the bloody question don't judge. MARK thats a bit rich coming from the guy that drives around in a vespa... in kuwait!
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    Guys, Just wanted to bring your attention to the killing of wild birds here.
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    Dear all, My landlord has increased our rent by 80 KD within 1 year and we have a contract for one year which is clearly hand written in the contract paper. All other conditions are printed in Arabic. Is it possible for me to pay the rent in the court and stay next 4 years or he can kick me out after the 1 year contract is over which will be by next month? Please advise me, whether its worth to go to the court or just pay the hike? Thanks in advance.
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    Hey all! I was wondering, i live in an apartment where they are separated with partitions (thick ones, but still) My house is almost devoid of furniture and whenever i talk, breath or cough, i can hear the echo and i know the neighbor can hear me. What can i do to reduce the sound the neighbor can hear? I don't want to annoy them, but i can't NOT talk at all in my own home lol. Any cheap soundproofing techniques? Cheers all!
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    Theres some clear plastic ones in Muji Avenues
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    Found these two videos regarding Kuwait Airways new A320 fleet: Dasman lounge video:
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    I was just exploring the Kuwait Map and thought about visiting boubiyan Island. I have been in Kuwait for quite a while but never been to boubiyan or its surroundings. I have few questions if someone can answer. Is there any road going there? Is it a restricted area? do we need to considered any precautionary measure visiting that place. has anyone been to Sabah Al Ahmad Nature Reserve? Thanks
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    if you can read and write arabic, search arabic kuwaiti forums. many kuwaitis have done similar trips and they've posted their experience in details. as for avoiding Syria, I believe you can take ferry from Saudi arabia to egypt and then from egypt to turkey. but then again im not sure how safe egypt is nowadays and i would avoid that country as well. not sure if there are ferries from saudi arabia to turkey.you can also go from saudi arabia to jordan then lebanon and from lebanon take ferry to cyprus and then a ferry to turkey. but not sure how safe lebanon as well. lol. this whole region is fucked up.
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    Excuse me? Then likewise i will consider YOUR opinion null and void. I don't need to justify myself to my "Kuwaiti Master". I earned my living through hard work an dedication. I live here because i CHOOSE to. Not because i am forced to. I have lived AND studied in my home country, and still decided to come back to Kuwait. Why? Because Kuwait is Stable, Kuwait gives me a living salary, Kuwait doesn't treat me like a dead man walking. My honest opinion of Kuwait when i am living in my home country? Kuwait is heaven, and my country is hell. If you don't like it, then sod off. I don't need people to question MY opinions while they state their own and ignore the rest.
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    I'm not used to it either, actually considering bringing back the for sale section here and keeping that out there. Also considering renaming from Market to Classifieds
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    I learned a new word today. Still don't know exactly what it means. I am assuming it's like 'smoking with e-cigarettes'?
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    Also not sure why youve covered up your license number, you drive around the car all day with the number showing anyway so its not a secret