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    There's a Chemist near Old Salmiya, here's his whip...
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    Superm! You will simply need to replace the ADSL router with LTE router. The bigger one comes with 4 LAN ports, don't buy the pocket router as that will have only 1 LAN port. I would suggest buy it from market(Unlocked), this way you will be able to switch between the providers in case you need to. Edit:Big LTE router will support 32 wifi devices + 4 LAN
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    As many of us have pointed out, you might want to give the tele-companies a try. I switched from ADSL to 4G router and never think of going back to my 2MB DSL
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    yup, check the events page often for music events
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    i've never heard anyone use the world excellent and mada in the same sentence.
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    Guys to help and update you and save you some headache.All EMS and USPS express mail now goes to Hateen Post office. The post office is located next to the Hatten Co-op. You will see a small EMS sign outside the building. When you go in go left (near the stamp machine box) there is a room with some guys on the computer they will first check if your package has arrived. If it arrived he will write the date down on a paper. Give that paper to the front desk and tell them whether it's a box or envelope. After that he will go get your package in the back. You sign a form with a copy of your civil ID. Then you take your package to customs area in the back on right side. Once clear you pay the 1kd stamp from the machine. Much easier than traffic congested Khaifan. But remember it's for EMS or USPS mail. Normal mail still gets sent to khaifan
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    I went ahead and did the online transfer from NBK Kuwait to BOA in US. Transaction fee was 5 KD and no fee was charged by BOA for inward remittance. And indeed money reached US account in about 24 hrs. There was no significant difference in the exchange rate between NBK and exchange companies. Moreover exchange companies transaction fee is higher when compared to NBK.
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    Oh i just read that the school will provide accommodation. Well most respectful schools provide decent aparts for their staff. May I know your school name? I can tell more about their accommodation.
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    Hi there, Well i myself was a teacher and I totally advice you to work here for at least a couple of years. There are no restrictions at all for moving around here. If you are a beach lover, you can swim wearing whatever you want You will find lots of expats here. Check internations.org and meetup.com for weekly activities where you can meet new friends. As for tutoring, you can easily double your salary by providing after school lessons. I can show you later how to advertize and get students. Food industry is Yummy-ful ! As Mark said, the only issue here is your living place. Well it is safe but too crowded with construction workers and similars. Try getting a place in in salmiya/fintas/mahboula...that's where most westeners live. Again Khaitan is safe, it's just well crowded If you have further questions lemme know
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    why is it hard ? i have bought alot for me and for family and friends, i even sold a few, have you seen a 18650 vent or explode ? the last thing you want is a fake battery. the only accurate no bs batteries are lg says 3000mah 20amp, 1500mah 30amp tested and proved the rest over sell their rated powers efest, samsung, mxjo, and sony all are shit, the only real 30amp 18650 batteries are lg's HB2,HB4 and HB6.
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    I have read an article that it is prohibited for a person or a company to keep their employees passport. Who is the agency responsible in monitoring and checking a company who is breaking the law? Ps. I'm not a housemaid. I'm here to get the readers opinion and to spread the word.
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    Walk into any money exchange, muzaini for example (or an office with a company account with couriers), you can send your stuff to the US via dhl, fedex or aramex for about 3 KD.
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    Hi everyone! I am just getting into skateboarding and i am not able to find a shop for skateboards.I've been to Al-Nasser sports center but the skateboards there are not so good.As I'm a begginer i would like to get a cheap skateboard so that i can know much about skateboarding and so on further I'll upgrade my skateboard beacause for a begginer to buy a skateboard worth 35 K.D wouldn't be a good deal.I would be thankful if anyone could give me best suggestions regarding shops and prices. Best regards
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    Can someone direct me to any opportunities to volunteer during Ramadan ? A quick glance at social media showed SpreadThePassion has an active scene but their registration is closed
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    Hi everyone So for this holy month of Ramadan I know that everyone is keen on helping the community out. I would like to start a financial aid program for families in need. Any ideas? Right now, we are trying to help a single mother with 3 dependents facing problems due to unemployment, over-priced rent, and other financial problems that currently cannot be resolved. Where can they turn to and is it possible for anyone to donate/sponsor a family and how? Please help out or direct this to someone who can. God bless.
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    So i made about 700$ in my paypal account by doing online trading and looking for a way to spend them in kuwait... Any one knows how and where i can use them?
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    hey guys! i got into a checkpoint today, they gave me a violation and confiscated my driving license. the violation was having a roof rack. 2 questions. whats the procedure of getting my driving license back? and how long would it take for the traffic officer to give the license to Jabriya muroor?
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    I would be in Kuwait for the next month or so and am looking to buy a gaming laptop from xotic pc. This is the one - http://www.xoticpc.com/gigabyte-p55w-sl1.html I can take care of the buying process from xotic pc, but the problem arrives in transportation. As of this moment, which shipping company (Aramex, Shipito, etc.) in Kuwait would be the best choice for the transportation and why? How should i pay for that company (Cash-on-delivery or Online)?
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    Any watches collectors here at the forum? lets discus watches here
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    I never thought I would be living in a caged environment in this country. I have been in the country for almost 2 years and I have never seen Kuwait Towers in close proximity. Never had the chance to appreciate its architecture. I have been living in a company accommodation with strict rules in which Professionals are locked-in from the outside. The daily routine will be accommodation-work-accommodation. On our day-off which is Friday... we are not allowed to go out. Well actually, we can go to church. A company bus will take us, because we are not allowed to take a taxi, to the city and then brings us back to the accommodation. However, we are not allowed to wander around the city. If we do, we will be summoned to the HR office. We only have 3 hours once a week to shop for our supplies... food and all. We are always in a rush, it feels like we are in the Amazing Race... always in a rush. So many things to say, so little time... until next post. I am just letting it all out here. I just wanted to be heard. The company has sucked the life out of me. If not for the people around me and my love for the work I do... I would have gone crazy already. BTW, this company hires licensed professionals, degree holders, and university graduates. Deprived of the Freedom because of the color of our skin.
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    Hey Guys, I know there's an active thread about Vaping in Kuwait. It's great to see that some of you are into Vaping. I am moving to Kuwait for a while. I recently quit smoking cigarettes and only vape. I have a large collection of e-cigs, vape-pens, and so on. I also have a large collection of e-juices, in various sizes, flavors, and containers. I recently saw a post where Mark said that vapes and e-juice are legal now? so can I put all of that in my checked-luggage and expect it to arrive? or will they stop and confiscate my juices and e-cigs? my e-cigs are worth 100's of dollars each, and I have 3. the ejuices, I have about 25 bottles I want to bring with me of various flavors I am sure I won't find in Kuwait (like Canadian Maple Syrup....) so... what are your thoughts? should I put it in my checked luggage or carry on? should I print this paper out and include it with all my vaping supplies? https://www.instagram.com/p/BCnQPbTwjzP/ there's also another TWITTER post with 2 pages stating that vaping is legal. I cant find that post right now, but I plan to print it as well and include it with my vapes, just incase someone decides they think its illegal... im not very wealthy, and I invested a lot in getting my vapes, heavily modding them, and collecting some awesome ejuices... has anyone experienced bringing ejuices internationally? im gonna be flying from NY to Frankfrut to Kuwait.
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    I hope this is the right place to post this~ Not sure where to start. All i'm going to talk about will be from my own point of view and will be subject to be way different than your experience. I'm wondering about social life here in Kuwait. Is it easy to actually socialize and make connections? So far, it hasn't been slightly better ever since i returned here. People with similar interests are hard to reach, as if they're not there. Lets say you're someone who's out of any social circle, how do you find one? A suitable one? How do you reach them? Basically, the only successful attempt was toastmasters, they are organized enough to have their means of communication and reach. What about other interests? Other social groups? How do you socialize in here? It feels as if there are way less activites to do than anywhere else. Even people feel as if they've fallen into these molds of typical behavior. To be fair, here's a breakdown of what i'm personally interested in, in case anyone has help or info regarding socializing with similar minded people: I'm a geek head, into tech and sci-fi. I'm a gamer, not too hardcore, not too casual. Built my own gaming and editing rig, treat it like my own baby beast. I'm an otaku, into anime, manga and manhwa. I'm into movies and tv series, the cool ones with sci-fi plots mostly. I'm into discovering more and learning more when it comes to how to make stuff. I don't just play games for example, i tend to attempt and make them too.. and so on.. I love to tell stories, make up entire worlds in my mind and am trying to finish my own novel as well. Poetry is one of my interests too. Most of my free times are after 5 or 6 PM, full time job, usually 2 days off. I spend a good amount of time online, surfing 9gag, the chans and most tech blogs. Ultimately, i tried my best to search for similar minded people to connect with. However, the scene's too dark. The otaku community boils down to the con. event, a day or two each year with no real impact. The gaming scene isn't too promising either. I come from the days when we used to spend 5 hours shooting in CS or MoH, building troops in red alert or generals and the silly times in other games. I couldn't find proper ways or communities that support lan parties or somewhere that facilitates it. Toastmasters are good, but feel like they're there to advance and nothing else (perhaps too formal and serious for my taste?). I tried stuff like the meetup app groups, facebook hunts and other futile attempts. In the end, i'm resorting to the community. Here's an introvert trying to get some help, if possible. Is there a way to break the curse? Oh, in case you're suggesting branching out from my current friends, well.. tough break, i got none since i've traveled then came back and for over a year now had none at all.. anyways, sorry for the long talk, thanks for taking time to read this. Hope you got something to help. Sent from my SM-N920C using Tapatalk
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    Hi everyone, Some of us has kids in the school age, I thought to check with you about what kind of activities they do during the summer holiday. I know some travel outside Kuwait, but usually that don't last the whole summer vacation. I thought about summer camps and summer schools but they don't provide transportation assuming that the parents don't work and can drop the kids to the camp/school. So kindly give me your insight and experience. PS. my son is 9 years old Thanks,
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    Does anyone know where I'll be able to buy a graduation cap?
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    I was wondering if there is an organization here that is into environmental conservation. I haven't been around the country so I don't have any clue . I am a biologist by degree more inclined towards marine life. I saw way back when... Someone posted a video online of a whale just swimming along the beach... It made my heart leaped. I used to worked with marine mammals before I came here, and I am curious about the cetaceans (marine mammals) found in this country. I want to know more about the biodiversity of Kuwait. Ps. Googled it before... think I was misdirected.
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    Hi, Where can I get gummy pizza in Kuwait? Actually, I have never eaten or seen it. My nephews requested me to bring it and I don't know from where can i get it. Any ideas? Thanks.
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    South park (my favorite character is toweliee) i feel like i can conquer the world lolz