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    There's a Chemist near Old Salmiya, here's his whip...
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    Superm! You will simply need to replace the ADSL router with LTE router. The bigger one comes with 4 LAN ports, don't buy the pocket router as that will have only 1 LAN port. I would suggest buy it from market(Unlocked), this way you will be able to switch between the providers in case you need to. Edit:Big LTE router will support 32 wifi devices + 4 LAN
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    As many of us have pointed out, you might want to give the tele-companies a try. I switched from ADSL to 4G router and never think of going back to my 2MB DSL
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    yup, check the events page often for music events
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    i've never heard anyone use the world excellent and mada in the same sentence.
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    Guys to help and update you and save you some headache.All EMS and USPS express mail now goes to Hateen Post office. The post office is located next to the Hatten Co-op. You will see a small EMS sign outside the building. When you go in go left (near the stamp machine box) there is a room with some guys on the computer they will first check if your package has arrived. If it arrived he will write the date down on a paper. Give that paper to the front desk and tell them whether it's a box or envelope. After that he will go get your package in the back. You sign a form with a copy of your civil ID. Then you take your package to customs area in the back on right side. Once clear you pay the 1kd stamp from the machine. Much easier than traffic congested Khaifan. But remember it's for EMS or USPS mail. Normal mail still gets sent to khaifan
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    I went ahead and did the online transfer from NBK Kuwait to BOA in US. Transaction fee was 5 KD and no fee was charged by BOA for inward remittance. And indeed money reached US account in about 24 hrs. There was no significant difference in the exchange rate between NBK and exchange companies. Moreover exchange companies transaction fee is higher when compared to NBK.