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  1. Any particular reason the 'Community' link (tab) is missing from the homepage?
  2. Aramex Shop & Ship is no better. An item shipped on 30th December is still to reach Kuwait. Holidays in the west are no excuse as the item already shipped (atleast that's what the status says !)
  3. When you click on any of the Menu links, they open in a separate tab rather than in the same page. - Not a big deal, but just bringing it into notice.
  4. The upgrade is done?? The page menu options are limited - To go back to the main page, B-Sides, Classifieds etc, one has to hit the back button !.
  5. Call up 22273605
  6. This should help ? http://kb.zajil.com/category.php?id=21
  7. http://www.qualitynet.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/insta-post-eng-1080x1080.jpg Not a bad idea. Though I dont know what are the prices.
  8. The taxi driver was asked to make a deposit, which would mean he is the guilty party. You should be getting the papers which you would then take to your insurance agent and they will advice you where to take the car for repairs. You shouldnt be worried.
  9. I have paid the bill several times online, using Google Chrome browser. No issues.
  10. If you are planning any activities of your own, keep the decibels down and the 'spirits' low !
  11. If its a new Iphone, it will work. I bought one from U.S, T mobile unlocked, and is working perfectly fine (LTE)
  12. Maybe they have exceptions. Bought Iphone 6 Plus from Apple US store and got it shipped thru Borderlinx(DHL). No issues, No customs, No additional fees (KD 11.00 shipment charges). Got another one from Apple UAE store and shipped thru Ushopweshp. Again no issues, No additional charges (KD 3.750 shipping). Got the covers and screen protector from Hongkong thru Aramex. 5 days customs delay and KD 3 additional charges !! So thats Aramex for you.
  13. Are you sure the 'contract free' T Mobile ones will work here? Wont they be 'carrier locked'??
  14. Do they ship to Aramex / Borderlinx account? There is no way we can escape paying taxes I guess.
  15. Distilled water will have most of the natural minerals in the water gone while distilling. The water we get in Kuwait for example is distilled water, but blended with brackish water to impart the lost minerals. Unless you find distilled water that is made specifically for drinking, its of no use. Might as well buy good quality purified water.