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  1. RT @RS_MCIHort: Although native to South Africa ????????, Drosanthemum floribundum (Aizoaceae) are turning the coastline pink/purple in Pacific G…

  2. RT @verge: Amazon Prime Video comes to Apple TV, finally https://t.co/KfQ1IC4hg6 https://t.co/2vNHU4NsGm

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  4. RT @mashable: Dear Instagram, we don't need another damn standalone messaging app https://t.co/bM1bcIUkgO https://t.co/SDqCsbu71v

  5. Every Louvre needs a Da Vinci. $450m 'Da Vinci painting' heads to Louvre Abu Dhabi https://t.co/fnmPpWHDX7

  6. RT @Essa_Ramadhan: انخفاض درجات الحرارة وموجة برد تجتاح شمال السعودية والعراق الخميس تلحقها الكويت الخميس والجمعة وتتحرك جنوبا خلال عطلة نه…

  7. RT @challenguate: These adorable Senna seeds couldn't wait to get started - they germinated right in the pod! #fabaceae #legumes #seeds #ge…

  8. RT @2016industrial: A beautiful piece of Beech. It took 6 varying sandpaper’s. Wire wool & now soaked in Danish oil before I lacquer it. So…

  9. RT @scienmag: Caterpillar found to eat shopping bags, suggesting biodegradable solution to plastic pollution https://t.co/8Wym7ODRig https:…

  10. Scarlet fever cases hit 50-year high in England https://t.co/Jqm60fTghP

  11. Peppermint hot chocolate, where have you been all my life?

  12. RT @BBCBreaking: The Queen and Duke of Edinburgh "are delighted" for Harry and Meghan and "wish them every happiness" https://t.co/7BhQAX9…

  13. RT @spacedapenguin: Willow by the #Thames https://t.co/2SMhld6Vk9

  14. RT @MeetAnimals: Black Otter Rex Rabbits... https://t.co/e5sXmVMwld

  15. @TheMattBRoberts Happy Thanksgiving!