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  1. @BrettKing Brett, would love to buy it on Kindle.

  2. RT @lolwalhussinan: انا مواطنة كويتية ومع اخواني الكويتيين البدون وارفض استبداد وظلم الجهاز المركزي #ارحل_صالح_الفضاله #البدون_يقاطعون_…

  3. @OutlanderWriter Sowieeeeee

  4. YouTube top earners: The seven-year-old making $22m https://t.co/kqebkjkxQo

  5. RT @KateBennett_DC: Barbara Bush used to sit on the steps of the South Portico at the White House, waiting for George Bush to return from t…

  6. RT @Reuters: Mexican opium poppy crop rose by a fifth from 2015-2017: Mexico-U.N. report https://t.co/fik7BPrtPK https://t.co/ER6axaWlBJ

  7. @joybblake @Writer_DG best episode this season. you nailed the characters. details like knitting/hearth. so moved w… https://t.co/YQqFhbxGK7

  8. RT @aljarida: الكويتيون قد يكونون الأقدم في العالم! https://t.co/J3q1eKyF9B https://t.co/bJb1lp0yjk

  9. RT @B_Strawbridge: 'November' (1881) by Lowell Birge Harrison Interesting painting. I wonder why she is raking up the leaves? Collecting t…

  10. RT @BBCScotland: The remarkable Viking discovery on the Isle of Skye. Watch Scotland from the Sky on #BBCiPlayer https://t.co/PVLyWnMpHD h…

  11. RT @BBCEarth: This all-black penguin could be the rarest in the world ???? #Dynasties https://t.co/tAWgrezuH9

  12. RT @challenguate: The flowers of the mango tree, Mangifera indica, in the Anacardiaceae. Mangoes are native to the Indian subcontinent. #an…

  13. @RikRankin @Outlander_STARZ You did great in this episode

  14. @bearmccreary @RayaYarbrough This is everything.

  15. RT @savebutterflies: Retweet and scatter the gloom of #StormDeirdre with this cosmic caterpillar of the Common fruit-piercing moth (Eudocim…