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  1. UAE woman wakes up after 27 years in a coma https://t.co/iWJhEg5UVl

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  8. RT @ajplus: A French sports company pulled its hijab for runners after facing hundreds of boycott threats. https://t.co/rbomrP3lau

  9. Why 56 black men are posing in hoodies https://t.co/4KzvK3jCMu

  10. Farewell, meme king. Bruno Ganz, who played Hitler in Downfall, dies aged 77 https://t.co/aQZryW6nQP

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  12. Colorado runner kills cougar in self-defence after attack https://t.co/0H2Essh5s7

  13. RT @Fungal_Love: Oh hey this UV-glowy millipede in my backyard says to tell you hi & that you’re swell https://t.co/DGCs8uDfRd

  14. RT @Jamie_Woodward_: Microplastics found in every marine mammal surveyed in UK study https://t.co/RmKWpaldyC

  15. RT @maximaxoo: #History #Science: gemologist finds #insect trapped in #opal instead of amber ► https://t.co/Z9mmiQKHC4 via @Gizmodo https:…