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  1. RT @filmystic: #OnePerfectShot The Time Traveler's Wife (2009) | dir. Robert Schwentke | cinematographer: Florian Ballhaus https://t.co/yJh…

  2. RT @robdelaney: eating pussy thru glory hole then wall collapses & you discover you've just been sucking on network of skin tags in Steve B…

  3. Another wonderful #NHS experience. Saw a doctor within an hour of calling them. Free prescription. Smooth, sexy socialism.

  4. RT @supdeeps: Nvm he voted for trump https://t.co/fpdBna5cZH

  5. RT @cameronesposito: Wanted to tell u what having a show on Seeso allowed us to do. I am so proud of #TakeMyWife. https://t.co/UatqOyrPY7

  6. RT @RAWK_Meltdown: New season. New meltdowns. Let's go...

  7. @JHagholm1 @ryansatin maybe they should put the belt on jesus

  8. RT @Slade: The Trump/Peña Nieto convo contains literally the best definition of the Spanish language ever spoken https://t.co/hrjOM9ezF8 ht…

  9. @SebSB "former Manchester United squad player"

  10. RT @GolazoDan: My favourite sight after/during an incredible wrestling match is fully grown adults literally jumping up and down. https://t…

  11. @Zin5ki That's just airport stuff though. You'll get out and everyone will be overly helpful and chipper.

  12. RT @GUY_F13R1: 420 Friendly Stir-Fried Fart Zappers, accidentally thrown in the trash and served on a skateboard.

  13. RT @unfitforpurpose: I was leaving the comparisons between what happens when white and black people get shot in the US alone but Jesus Chri…

  14. @DaliDimovski Gee thanks dad!

  15. @DK1105 Trebly so if it's an issue that relates to Jim fucking Cornette in year of our lord two thousand and seventeen.