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  1. Crushed it in the face of adversity and for sure have that adrenaline high, just not sure it warrants not seeing my daughter for 48+hrs.

  2. @TequilaGundam Then don't drink!

  3. Neville Southall destroys bastards. https://t.co/FVeNlnNj4f

  4. RT @DHOTYA2017: Hahaha did he fuck. https://t.co/tg7M8bihEB

  5. @JonKehoe I'm going we get the ROH vintage Steenerico, where Kevin is a charismatic psychopath and Zayn is his lova… https://t.co/R8gjtiBMbu

  6. RT @mrabutler: It never ceases to amaze me how many pictures there are of Shakira and Gordon Brown together https://t.co/gskoGnZU8H

  7. RT @WeahsCousin: If you've ever wondered what the 1950s were like, take a look at replies on this. https://t.co/WMkY5fBgJB

  8. If you're a football fan unfamiliar with Matthew Le Tissier, come see one of the most spectacular players in the hi… https://t.co/RYkefb0NvK

  9. RT @thetomkinstimes: New on The Tomkins Times: Why Liverpool Must Give Klopp the Sack | https://t.co/MQiHW6qDZl | #LFC

  10. RT @LiveCutCorner: https://t.co/xWHcnVXfzQ

  11. RT @WeahsCousin: Settle a debate. @RyannTodd is currently using a 'Tinder for Tennis' app. Trawling an app to find blokes to play tennis ag…

  12. @StupidTweetman Rodgers couldn't manage it in three years. Klopp probably gets four because he says stupid things slightly less often.

  13. I'm not bowing to incompetence and people promoted through nepotism. Everyone keeps telling me how irreplaceable I am. Prove it.

  14. Clickhole slays me so every damn day. https://t.co/mJCIxAHg4a

  15. RT @JackPittBrooke: I am told West Ham United will be making "no comment" over Bruno de Carvalho's referring to the West Ham owners as the…