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  1. @Jonny_Wags Fuck their worst day. We've had three straight days of poor air quality keeping my kids inside all day… https://t.co/Lgd4wKSv5q

  2. JWP is inarguably our most important player for the remainder of the season. Even when he's not at his best, we kno… https://t.co/i7ZwMk8wrp

  3. RT @atpburke: "We should arm teachers." Really? You guys are gonna start paying for the entire English department to have Glocks? You fuck…

  4. Never seen this before but got it in Lulu hypermarket today and I'm about to drink it all and it's half past eight… https://t.co/jlCO6HA9K8

  5. Especially as all the other people in this match are in WWE and oh there's also Bobby Dempsey.

  6. Matt Riddle fighting Low Ki might be the 2018 version of Joe/Necro. There will be intense, violent action and someo… https://t.co/q54noguFco

  7. RT @marc_raimondi: Oh crap. Rey Misterio vs. Jushin Liger at NJPW in Long Beach?! #njnbg

  8. RT @rewindthefilth: A story in four acts #brexit https://t.co/HxjYhRocOv

  9. @TheRyanGains Yeah I mean I guess I never really had that anywhere. I think the worst thing is an administration th… https://t.co/bM3n1sPC0W

  10. RT @KayfabeNews: Jordan out with injury, Strowman revealed as Angle’s new son: https://t.co/GheyNEKdE2

  11. RT @ProjectCiampa: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ https://t.co/cdN5oKiGIC

  12. It's a pretty good album, but how do I make my daughter like RTJ or some shit? https://t.co/vCwEspp1q2

  13. RT @silentmoviegifs: Since there's no known footage of Buster Keaton's stage act, it's always neat to see him recreate part of it on screen…

  14. RT @DavidKHarbour: Internet, listen... I’m a giver. I give and I give. But now I need you. I need 200k retweets to go dance with penguins.…

  15. Nooooo oneeeee's brain, like Gaston! Can explain, like Gaston! Just how Bitcoin and blockchain works like Gaston!… https://t.co/61GMJCiPPx