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  1. RT @adamleitchsport: Today we say goodbye. After 119 years The Pink (Sports Echo) rolls off the presses for the last time. It is the end of…

  2. tfw you hear the opening song on 'What Did You Expect From The Vaccines?' https://t.co/rOAnWhLX1X

  3. RT @MrLARIATO: The legendary saga of Minoru Suzuki vs The Mecha Mummy https://t.co/7mfKUX73c7

  4. RT @BBCSport: Jack Sexsmith is one of UK professional wrestling’s biggest names. He fights in Ugg boots and pink leggings and is Britain’s…

  5. RT @sportingintel: The IOC have today banned Vitaly Mutko from the Olympics for life for his role in state-supported doping. He is presiden…

  6. @TheRyanGains it's delicious

  7. Mario Kart face off https://t.co/LpPzEf4xgm

  8. RT @MabzCiteh: Throwback to when Britain First are so dumb that they posted a picture of @WWE wrestlers 'The Dudley Boys' and claimed they…

  9. @Jonny_Wags It's my favourite bad game ever. There's so much wrong with it but I was so compelled to finish everything in it.

  10. RT @Paul_Cornell: Only the British could do the mental gymnastics required to imagine a Far Centre of Extreme Moderation. https://t.co/snDq…

  11. RT @Coral: Everton vs. West Ham on Wednesday. Which is set to be the first ever football match where both teams manage to lose.

  12. @mookieghana Biff Boulder and Trapsy Hardbody

  13. I think a kid in my class just designed the next Keita Takahashi character. https://t.co/cmXV7W8Tm5

  14. @TheRyanGains We totally want another now though. The anxiety hasn't gone away, it's just changed. Now she's a mise… https://t.co/RcLThgiXVJ

  15. RT @internettara: real feminist men go down on their fleshlights