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  1. RT @BossMoz: oh your fav is woke? they're a leftist, super progressive? call me when they kill a cop live at wrestlemania https://t.co/69jk…

  2. RT @TitusONeilWWE: My TRUTH!! https://t.co/3HgsmXOOEg

  3. @pissGoblin Not enough goblins or piss. yeah ill @ you

  4. This is so slick. https://t.co/x5Y6PNf8yd

  5. RT @ddale8: It'll get lost in the rest of the madness, but worth repeating that Trump is making a completely false smear of an American ind…

  6. RT @_Zeets: When your plan to destroy unions is working perfectly https://t.co/TeWtmCKtub

  7. RT @orinanne: Kevin Nash is a fucking legend over here owning dudes by talking about how he wants to crank it into old age https://t.co/Lnt…

  8. Nah I'm alright thanks https://t.co/Ts1Sr56FiL

  9. @CalamityGan @Flailing_man In their final year they got a deal on free TV in the UK so this is all the stuff I reme… https://t.co/x8UwMlsYn6

  10. RT @moonfvneral: how u gna say wrestling fake when dis exists https://t.co/TOUShpQaNK

  11. I ##k@u@khhhfdddddttyyyyyu Ms too of j to pi h t know r to r go ohyj

  12. It really seems to be back to the way that was most fun. Those who want to leave can leave, we will gamble on our a… https://t.co/MMrvM4vsRK

  13. @CalamityGan I don't know. I've had staf and similar before. Guess I'm just prone to picking up things like that. W… https://t.co/gByqs8FEDa

  14. Goddamn https://t.co/IQpN7l8vD0

  15. RT @Maffewgregg: Vader asks Shamrock to ease up on his strikes but Ken doesn't listen so Vader asks him a second time. https://t.co/wXepTAi…