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  1. RT @TheScottCharles: REMINDER: The number of people who’ve been shot by toddlers and dogs is greater than the number of mass shooters who’v…

  2. RT @_Zeets: I appreciate that so many fans almost hate their soccer teams and dread watching them but still wake up early every weekend to…

  3. @ChooChooCharlie https://t.co/DFgw8B9gRQ

  4. Meanwhile, in British sport... https://t.co/6q9B6G0D4N

  5. @The_Double_J If Bryan manages to get himself heel heat in this match against Brock goddamn Lesnar then he truly ma… https://t.co/j1TK0F8H8Z

  6. Those of you who scroll past all my wrasssling gumpf should check out this bad boy. https://t.co/3ns5PRNmq4

  7. @DaliDimovski That's a pretty amazing technique. They drink that stuff so late here in surprised anyone is able to sleep.

  8. RT @avismall: *mic drop* https://t.co/5n8nIj07BW

  9. So bummed out about @DrGameshow. Earwolf really should renew it but no matter what happens I hope it continues in some form.

  10. So when do we find out these election results lads? @theroostarr @CalamityGan

  11. Absolutely this. The blanket treatment of hijabs or abiya as oppressive is gross. Especially as most of those peopl… https://t.co/s3oDYa0mOH

  12. @allan_cheapshot She was way more interesting as a heel cocky pixie of death in NXT. That one time she came out and… https://t.co/HIZ8Jn7LoM

  13. RT @wiretap804: This is my favorite wrestling photo of all time https://t.co/bbxjgIzZTf

  14. @CalamityGan hey man, worked for thirteen hours today, first day back after a holiday. Don't get points on my kids'… https://t.co/r7dAAlvXLV

  15. @MrHatfield4 RIP Dasher ☹️