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  1. @JustinMcElroy Distribution was clearly a planned exercise. Possible that he chose all kids but then why choose dou… https://t.co/NZlpPHeKbE

  2. I just backed Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls 2: 100 new bedtime stories from Nefertiti to @beyonce + a Podcast! https://t.co/c3svRu4Syv

  3. RT @SimonHallNews: Boys at Isca Academy in Exeter wear skirts to school in protest at not being allowed to wear shorts in hot weather. http…

  4. RT @BenDunnell: When it comes to descriptions of terror suspects, this, from Metro's piece on Darren Osborne, takes some beating. https://t…

  5. @JonKehoe You get what you pay for. Doubly so in kids games.

  6. That's the board games put away. https://t.co/k9noh0psAt

  7. @SebC__ This decision was nothing to do with China. Hope next appointment isn't delayed by takeover though. Think it will be Tuchel.

  8. https://t.co/j7peIxfvhC

  9. @mikesuszek Way to be negative. I prefer to see it as the cheese got bigger!

  10. @MrJBreeze Where dis?

  11. @Zin5ki Every time I'm there I buy a crappy pre paid phone for $20. Like off of The Wire.

  12. @ChaseByKO @Wimbledon Side effect: I get to go back to England for opening day and enjoy reefer and liquor while wa… https://t.co/YW3CGwu7Tr

  13. RT @RyanJL: "She's bringing the bloody DUP, Philip." https://t.co/CjmPzH2RqM

  14. Let the Tories have their coalition, struggle to get anything done and get eaten alive in Europe. We'll be rid of them for life after that.