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  1. Do I accept this as a word starting with 'b'? They're white if it matters. https://t.co/hyNp5NQAkA

  2. RT @Ankaman616: Yeah sure fine. Planet is dying. Life is short. Why not. https://t.co/yJtyTU7xgX

  3. @Magicmarker78 I'll live, but it can't be taken back. About an 6, but feels like an 8.5.

  4. RT @WokeLiving: #URGENT #911 Over the course of the next few weeks, I need twitter to show out for me. My children and I, WE NEED A MIRACLE…

  5. RT @PushaCon: Just picked up rhino pills from the gas station, whole gang bout to be hard asf

  6. Just found out that my vacation ends today and not tomorrow as I had thought. This is truly the darkest timeline.

  7. RT @vauxhalljermain: Hi internet, this is a longshot BUT I was fostered for around a year in the 80s by a woman called Terri Sleightholme w…

  8. @PackBenPack release the spiders ben

  9. @CatchWrestling you might know this. I've been trying to find the origin of the three count pinfall. When/why did t… https://t.co/fSIpFLl0ip

  10. @StokelyHathaway @KassiusOhno This HAS to be a TV segment

  11. "Why are guys always so horny and stupid" Okay. I get it now.

  12. RT @brianboom135: Retweet if you want Robbie Lawler to beat Colby ????

  13. RT @_Zeets: I don't see the problem here https://t.co/7IuWRKE98N

  14. RT @RavenCyarm: What Shelton Benjamin was thinking about on Smackdown. https://t.co/9aN3vK9TjV

  15. RT @MinnieBookgal: Reminder that #AndyNgo still insists this was a hoax (despite video) while he's soaking in sympathy. https://t.co/CgTIfy…