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  1. brazil nut

    Greeting! Does anyone know where to find Brazil nuts in Kuwait? Thanks in advance for your replies..
  2. Actually you can get it cheaper at CityCentre Salmiya (Visit the automobile accessory section)...cans .. Johnsen ...something can ...same in ace also
  3. check bin nisf .. al rai..
  4. i guess then utc is the best bet
  5. check
  6. try carefour the camera section had sd card adapters stuff speed is decent
  7. you should have taken a watanyia prepaid long ago would not cost you your time and money
  8. try binisf or rtc hawalli
  9. basically it could be of a tank or aircraft from 91, you could open it and check for markings if you want to dig deep,
  11. try jarjirr book store..hawalli
  12. Anyone know where in Kuwait can one find portable fans , the one with fully metal stuff. eg ... 73140.html why metallic ? can be used outside.. last long... etc...
  13. true value and ace hardware also have similar stuff...
  14. can you be more clear? and your concerns?