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  1. RT @Sandy_Mudiyanse: Happy Birthday! @RoyElHachem hope you have a fantastic day ahead

  2. Who wants to go party 🙌?

  3. Which do you think is more important: following the dreams your parents want for yo... — Of course my own dreams ;)

  4. My love to Demi Lovato is unreal

  5. RT @rakanhallak: the fake comments I see on girls/guys pictures is the reason I'm starting to hate insta

  6. الربوة - المتن @LebISF

  7. Imagine dad got me the nexus 6 with him...

  8. RT @ThisisnadaZx: Can i like sleep for like the next 5 years?

  9. Di Mateo â¤ï¸ can't forget when we won the FA Cup and the UCL with him back in 2012 💔

  10. Classes till 7 today..hmph

  11. Happy Birthday @ShazaVanWattar have a blast! â¤ï¸

  12. RT @yasminaze_: dogs arent toys that u can play with lol how disgusting can u get

  13. RT @PSG_inside: Hey @ChelseaFC, it seems like W.Churchill is not the only one ready for tonight... #GodSaveTheQueen #ADifferentStory http:/…