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  1. Engine Squeal when starting up is probably cause of the Belt, inspect the belt, if it looks good then it's cause of the idler or tensioner pulley. Grinding/Squealing noise from the wheels is most probably cause of bad/worn out bearings. You are right in planing to get it checkout out at the dealership. I do not own a Ford Vehicle but when i got my Nissan checked at Babtain they charged me 25 KWD; so I am assuming it will cost more or less the same. All the best mate.
  2. you can check out Custom Garage Their Nos are: Mobile: 51145145 Tel: 24929961 They are located in Shuwaikh, the road Behind Gulf Bank on 85. So if you are coming from Ghazali, take the 85 exit towards City. the take the right before Gulf Bank, at the first Junction take right and it will be on our left hand side.
  3. Whichever gets me home conveniently and economically on ECONOMY class..
  4. The Oil is named Lexus motor oil and should be available with Al-Sayer since they are the dealers.
  5. I believe Yousuf Alghanim & Sons are the dealers for Dynamat in Kuwait
  6. I remember seeing them at LuLu Hypermarket..Al Rai and Qurain
  7. order online maybe? if thats not an option then i guess spending 180 is your best bet..
  8. so watcha decide to do AVP?
  9. Arabian Motors Group-1828828
  10. National Spare Parts is on Canada Dry Street itself on the Main Road before you take the right turn to enter zena street (if you are entering from Gazali Road) Did you check with the local ford dealership? Depending on how expensive it is, it might be better to just get a new one which guarantees trouble free running. Maybe the rear differential gears needs replacement and/or the oil needs replacement.
  11. i did my hood protection at proshape llumar next to nasser sports al-rai. There is one more place beside the Harley Davidson Showroom called Auto Saloon, they I believe use 3M Branded paint protection film.
  12. You will have to visit the Embassy in Person and tell them what you require. It is a pretty straight forward affair and shouldn't take too much of your time.
  13. Gulf air is good. Obv not comparable to qatar and emirates in terms of service quality but it is good.
  14. Count Me in too. More Info will be highly appreciated.
  15. if you have passed your vehicle inspection and then go the renew your vehicle registration after a month, they will ask you to redo the inspection. You do not need to make a new insurance paper for it. if your late to renew your papers; take an insurance (around 19 something kd) and then go for the vehicle inspection and provide you pass go to your respective traffic department to renew your vehicle registration Late renewal fine regardless of the time period is 5 kwd. so the total cost will be 19+5 kwd (late renewal fine)+5 kwd (revenue stamp)