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  1. To tell you the truth, the best internet provider in kuwait is Zain! First of all, they've been quitely improved in internet as well as offers! You'll get full 500GB of internet with complete freedom on how to spend your data plan! With only 24K.D. Plus you must pay extra 3K.D for the game booster if you want to play online games smoothly! You'll get 100-90 ping/latency. Its really quite fair and nice! But once you've spended all of your 500GB, you must pay extra 5 K.D for more GB data! But fear not, the 500GB is a large data but it will be consumed alot faster with the person whom downloads alot of movies or stream youtube videos or download games! But trust me you'll be fine on PS4 or PC. Get away from Viva ! They're have limited capacity internet.