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  1. You do not own the passport; your country's government does. Therefore, you should contact your embassy if someone is holding your passport against your will. Western and European countries take this matter seriously. That probably isn't the case for poor 3rd world countries though. In either case, it is prohibited.
  2. Thanks man. I've been to the place at Avenues (Think it was North Face) but I'm not trying to pay KD 80 for a bag.... I'll pass by Tilal to see what they have.
  3. Hello, I'll be going on a trip that involves alot of moving around. I'd like to buy a large hiking backpack, preferably with wheels. Something like this would be ideal:
  4. I use shop and ship to order supplements and usually they clear through customs without issues. However, my last 2 orders ended up getting held up for weeks even though they are legal, the same supplements from before, and personal-use quantities (not for a business). They apparently have a customs department but it doesn't seem to follow up properly. I was wondering, would it make any difference trying a different provider? Does anyone have experience ordering supplements?