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  1. Thanks m8 DeViL Any recommendation for the Big LTE router - make/brand and approx. cost just to get an idea how much it would cost. And what is meant by Unlocked (Is it like the iphone>?) Ofcourse, I will have to hunt for one in Hawally computer street. Thanks for your suggestions/recommendations. K/Rgds PS: B-t-w, all mobile providers have reduced their validity period to half i.e. 20 KD = 6 months; 10 KD = 3 months and 5 KD = 1 month.
  2. Hi Guys Thanks for the information - appreciated. Looks like the info Connect 2017 is not going to take place this year too. B-t-w, just one clarification. I use the kems ADSL connection with a ADSL Router (which i going to expire shortly) with my home land line phone to connect the following:- 1) Desktop PC (wired) 2) Laptops of my Sons (2 Nos via wifi) 3) Mobile Phones via wifi. 4) Satellite Receiver/Smart TV (wired) Will I be able to use all above devices if I choose to use Mobile Operators Internet Prepaid Service ? Thanks again for your feed-back. K/Rgds
  3. Hi Mark Thanks for your input and information from our friends here. It looks like the Info Connection is not going to take place this year too.
  4. Hi Guys Is the internet service in Kuwait become crap. Kems is become Sh*t - Called their service and they say we have done config put your router OFF and ON in 5 min. Same sh*t with no change - They are laughing on their customers. My friend also complaining about Qnet service. Is there a cable cut again I cannot even play a song on youtube with 2mbps subscription with KEMS. Time again for renewal/new subscription shortly. Any comments/suggestions appreciated. Thanks PS: I am mot renewing my subscription with them but just using their promotion points which are accumolated for couple of years.
  5. Hi Guys Need your help. I just purchased a smart LG TV model 43UF770T I am newbie to this Smart TV and trying to install apps. Please can anyone guide me to HOW TO or any pointer how to get the smart tv/IPTV channels to work. Thanks in advance. Rgds Supermario
  6. Hi Guys Need your suggestions/help. I am planning to renew my Kems 2mbps internet subscription which will be expiring sooon. Lately, I have seen slag in their speed as well as lot of buffering when watching youtube Any suggestion for a change to internet service provider is appreciated. Thanks
  7. Hi Guys Need your help. I have a TP Link ADSL with Modem router connected to Kems ISP I was unable to to connect my Toshiba Laptop through WIFI. Tried several ways but did not succeed. Finally, I had to factory reset the router without making any backup. Please can someone assist/help me setup/Config the router with KEMS Connection. I have the user ID and Password. Any help will be highly appreciated. Rgds Supermario
  8. Hi Guys Need your help if someone know a repair shop who can change/replace my Apple Ipod A1320 - 5th Gen. Thanks Supermario
  9. Hi Guys I have a lot of small chips of paint gone on my vehicle door due to others opening their car doors and hitting so hard that small chips can be seen. I need someone to guide me to a shop where I can buy touchup paint to fill in the small chippings DIY. Tks for your assistance. B/Rgds
  10. Thanks a lot Mark
  11. Hi Guys I need your help. I am planning to built a Subwoofer enclosure box for a subwoofer of 10 or 12". Need your help to find a store where I can buy the accessories like connectors, grill, Ports, carpet...etc. Tks
  12. Hi Guys @Mark - Thank you, as always quick reply . @Bob - That was an excellent reply to the point. Appreciated. K/Rgds Supermario
  13. Hi Guys Tks to all who replied to this thread. Special Thanks goes to our Admin. Mark I now have the Alpine HU IVE-W530EBT installed to the existing stock speakers and all seems to be OK but I am still looking for a bass punch. I have purchased a Clarion 4/3/2 Channel Amplifier model APX-4240 (400w max power, 60w X 4 = 4 Ohms; 90w x 4 = 2 Ohms) I am planning to purchase a Polk Subwoofer 12" DB-1212, 360W RMS with 2 Ohms Impedance from Xcite for KD.25/= Will this Amplifier/Subwoofer combination work. Does the 2 Ohms or 4 Ohms Impedance have any effect on the performance of the amplifier?. I understand from a friend of mine who said 4 Ohms are better than 2 Ohms. Out of the 4 output channels of the Amplifier, I am planning to connect the rear door stock speakers to the two amplifier channels and bridge the other 2 connections of the Amplifier to the Subwoofer. Any suggestions/comments appreciated. Rgds Supermario
  14. Hi Mark Need your opinion on a Polk Sub-woofer Polk Audio DB1212 Car Subwoofer 12-inch or alternatively Polk Audio DB691 3 Way Car Speakers 6x9-inches to support my Alpine HU = IVE-W530EBT and Clarion APA-450 (400 watts) amp. Tks
  15. Tks Mark I got the Double din Alpine unit from him. Great Guy Mr. Robby, he delivered it to me. I have to go to an installer and see how it goes there - lol. K/Rgds Supermario