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  1. Hi Guys Is the internet service in Kuwait become crap. Kems is become Sh*t - Called their service and they say we have done config put your router OFF and ON in 5 min. Same sh*t with no change - They are laughing on their customers. My friend also complaining about Qnet service. Is there a cable cut again I cannot even play a song on youtube with 2mbps subscription with KEMS. Time again for renewal/new subscription shortly. Any comments/suggestions appreciated. Thanks PS: I am mot renewing my subscription with them but just using their promotion points which are accumolated for couple of years.
  2. Hi Guys Need your help. I just purchased a smart LG TV model 43UF770T I am newbie to this Smart TV and trying to install apps. Please can anyone guide me to HOW TO or any pointer how to get the smart tv/IPTV channels to work. Thanks in advance. Rgds Supermario
  3. Hi Guys Need your suggestions/help. I am planning to renew my Kems 2mbps internet subscription which will be expiring sooon. Lately, I have seen slag in their speed as well as lot of buffering when watching youtube Any suggestion for a change to internet service provider is appreciated. Thanks
  4. Hi Guys Need your help. I have a TP Link ADSL with Modem router connected to Kems ISP I was unable to to connect my Toshiba Laptop through WIFI. Tried several ways but did not succeed. Finally, I had to factory reset the router without making any backup. Please can someone assist/help me setup/Config the router with KEMS Connection. I have the user ID and Password. Any help will be highly appreciated. Rgds Supermario
  5. Hi Guys Need your help if someone know a repair shop who can change/replace my Apple Ipod A1320 - 5th Gen. Thanks Supermario
  6. Hi Guys I have a lot of small chips of paint gone on my vehicle door due to others opening their car doors and hitting so hard that small chips can be seen. I need someone to guide me to a shop where I can buy touchup paint to fill in the small chippings DIY. Tks for your assistance. B/Rgds
  7. Thanks a lot Mark
  8. Hi Guys I need your help. I am planning to built a Subwoofer enclosure box for a subwoofer of 10 or 12". Need your help to find a store where I can buy the accessories like connectors, grill, Ports, carpet...etc. Tks
  9. Hi Guys @Mark - Thank you, as always quick reply . @Bob - That was an excellent reply to the point. Appreciated. K/Rgds Supermario
  10. Hi Guys Tks to all who replied to this thread. Special Thanks goes to our Admin. Mark I now have the Alpine HU IVE-W530EBT installed to the existing stock speakers and all seems to be OK but I am still looking for a bass punch. I have purchased a Clarion 4/3/2 Channel Amplifier model APX-4240 (400w max power, 60w X 4 = 4 Ohms; 90w x 4 = 2 Ohms) I am planning to purchase a Polk Subwoofer 12" DB-1212, 360W RMS with 2 Ohms Impedance from Xcite for KD.25/= Will this Amplifier/Subwoofer combination work. Does the 2 Ohms or 4 Ohms Impedance have any effect on the performance of the amplifier?. I understand from a friend of mine who said 4 Ohms are better than 2 Ohms. Out of the 4 output channels of the Amplifier, I am planning to connect the rear door stock speakers to the two amplifier channels and bridge the other 2 connections of the Amplifier to the Subwoofer. Any suggestions/comments appreciated. Rgds Supermario
  11. Hi Mark Need your opinion on a Polk Sub-woofer Polk Audio DB1212 Car Subwoofer 12-inch or alternatively Polk Audio DB691 3 Way Car Speakers 6x9-inches to support my Alpine HU = IVE-W530EBT and Clarion APA-450 (400 watts) amp. Tks
  12. Tks Mark I got the Double din Alpine unit from him. Great Guy Mr. Robby, he delivered it to me. I have to go to an installer and see how it goes there - lol. K/Rgds Supermario
  13. Hi Guys Need your help. I am planning to upgrade my KIA Sportage 2007 Double Din Audio System which does not give any Bass punch even after increasing the bass to +10 (full). I am thinking of the following 2 options. 1) Buy an amplifier and a 10" sub-woofer, keeping the head unit as it is. With this upgrade I hope the sound will improve. (Polk 10" sub-woofer and an Polk or Alpine/Kenwood/Pioneer amp) or 2) Buy a new Double Din/Single Din head unit (Alpine/Kenwood/Pioneer). Any suggestions/recommendation will be highly appreciated. Tks Supermario PS: If any of our friends here have a good un-used/replacement unit for which is not been used and want to sale, please let me know.
  14. Hi Guys I am looking for a 2 Bedroom or a 1 Bedroom apartment, with reasonably big hall in the 1Bedroom Apt. in Salmiya, Maidan Hawally or Hawally. Rent approx KD. 200 to 250/= If any one knows, kindly let me know on 99450045 Thanks for the assistance/help. K/Rgds Supermario
  15. Hi Guys I am looking to buy a (SUV) Vehicle 2008 or later - Nissan / Suzuki / Honda / KIA at a reasonable price. Anyone interested to sell, please let me know. Thanks