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  1. Hi Friends Apple has released the 4.1 operating system which will take care of the signal problem Good luck Supermario
  2. Thanks Jack If you have tried and it does not work then I dont think it would work for me. Anyway, thanks a lot for sharing your experience . I hope some of our expert friends here will assist/help us to overcome this dam problem
  3. I too was using this ultravpn for a couple of weeks now but last 2/3 days I am not able to get connection. I am using vista Any suggestions appreciated.
  4. Hi Guys Please could some of our friends here share their Officially unlocked/Jailbreak experience with Iphone. Supermario
  5. Hi m8 There is no way you can retrieve the config. file if you havent backed it up. As suggested above, you got to go to that same guy and tell him that it got screwed and he has to just reload the same firmware/config.file again. Tell him that its the same box and everything got screwed after the power failure. I am sure he will have to assist, you being his customer. After you get your image and file restored, our friends here can assist you to back it up incase same thing happens again. You may not be able to do it on your own since it looks like you are new to DM. OR TELL HIM TO GIVE U YOUR CONFIG.FILE on your USB flash drive and from there we can assist. Loading image/firmware/cam is not a problem. Those are butchers Good Luck Supermario
  6. Hi Burhan m8 Tks for your reply. Yes, it did the job and I got connected. Thanks a lot m8. B/Rgds Supermario
  7. Hi Guys I have updated my Iphone 3GS with iOS4. After updating I am not able to connect to internet via wifi (home router). I can see the wifi signal on the phone but cannot get connected to the internet. My setting is: Settings - wifi on - Zajil Home is ticked - on clicking zajil Home = DHCP - IP add: 192.254......, submask I did not have problem connecting to internet with the previous version 3.1.3. I have also allowed wireless access in my router with the mac address. Please can someone guide me to set the wifi network connection with the latest iOS4. Thanks Supermario
  8. Hi Guys Anyone want to part away with an Iphone 3GS dock. Or guide me to a decent store besides Alghanim. Also want to update the applications on the iphone - any info. will be highly appreciated. Tks Supermario
  9. Hi Guys Heated discussions as the temperatures here are soring. By-the-way, Just to twist the topic a little bit, I have a problem when connecting to VPN. It says Limited Connectivity and nothing opens. May be our expert friends through some light on this. Tks
  10. Hi Friends Just saw this new offer from Quanlitynet. Residential DSL Services Tariffs Speed 3 Months 6 Months 12 Months Tariff in KDs 256 Kbps - - - 512 Kbps 38 72 55 1 Mbps 63 120 95 2 Mbps 78 150 149 3 Mbps - - - MiniMax 2Mb-4Mb - - 209 MaxDSL 5Mb-24Mb - - 300 Good Luck Supermario
  11. Hi Guys I have a 80GB harddisk which is not responding. Does any of our friends here faced similar problem. Any suggestion on how to revive a bricked hard-disk would be highly appreciated. K/Rgds Supermario
  12. Hi Guys Lately, we see that everything is going to HD, TV Channels are being transmitted HD and there after 3D. Even the satellite receivers are switching to HD. I have a DVB receiver which does not decode HD channels even though they are FTA. I have a 32" Sony KVL-32V200 LCD TV purchased about 3 years back. My question is if I buy a HD receiver, will my TV be able to receive HD channels and with the High Definition quality? And what about 3D picture quality. I hope our expert friends throw some light on this HD technology. Also lately we have seen LED TV. Where is this technology taking us - lol. Rgds Supermario
  13. Hi M8's Tks a lot for your replies. @Burhan - I have my PC running with a new HD. I did not understand your (4. Recover from backup.). Actually, I have a lot of files saved on Partition D of the bricked HD. (I had two partitions C where all Program files were installed and D Download from the net) I tried to connect the bricked HD but it is not detected. Can you please give more details of what you meant by Recover from Backup. K/Rgds Supermario
  14. Hello Friends I have taken DSL Connection from Kems – 512 kbps for KD. 75/= without the router. Upon contacting their helpline they say they don’t support other routers except D-link which they provide with the connection with an additional cost of KD. 15/=. Since I already have 2 routers, I decided not to buy the router from KEMS. Right now I am using Netgear DG834GT which I got from my previous connection (Fasttelco). Even though I am connected but I am not able to configure the Router, tried different ways but could not succeed. I need help from our expert friends to configure my Netgear router for Kems connection. Kindly help. Rgds Supermario
  15. Hi M8 Samkatta I solved the problem. It was something to do with IP conflict with the ISP. Thanks a lot for your help. Best Rgds Supermario
  16. Hi m8 Samkatta Yes, I was using the same modem with my old connection without changing anything. Tks a lot for your assistance. K/Rgds Supermario
  17. Hi Guys The Netgear Router information shows as follows ROUTER STATUS CONNECTION STATUS Connection time 6:06:21 Connection to Server Connected Negotiation Success Authentication Success Getting IP Address Down/Stream 638 kbps Up/Stream 510 kbps Line Attenuation 45 db/25.5db Noise margin 30.5db/22db ADSL PORT Mac Address 00:1b:…. IP address Network type PPPoA IP Submask 255 255 255 255 Gateway Address Domain Name Server LAN PORT Mac address 00:…. IP Address DHCP ON IP Subnet mask 255 255 255 0 MODEM ADSL A2pB-22CD20e Modem Status Connected D/Stream 638 kbps U/Stream 510 kbps VPI 0 VCI 35 SHOW STATISTICS PORT STATUS TXPKTS RXPKTS COLLISSONS WAN PPPoA 723 2045 0 LAN 10M/100M 3762 4209 0 WLAN 11M/54M 1154 0 0 GETTING NETMASK 255 255 255 255 I am not able to open the web page (get connected). Please could someone correct me what I am doing wrong. Tks for the assistance/help K/Rgds Supermario
  18. Thanks my friend Samkatta - Tried as per details given by you but still could not get connected - when I use the setup wizard I get this message: The DNS address cannot be obtained automatically with this IP address setting. Please enter a DNS address before saving. And b-t-w, I could not locate the Multimode modulation In the web browser My Netgear router login is: where as the D-link router login is I dont know how to go about Tks for the assistance/help. K/Rgds Supermario
  19. Thanks M8 Burhan - that is a great piece of info. B/Rgds Supermario
  20. Thanks Guys for the great input. I was there myself at the Info2010 but saw only Qnet and Gulfnet with ADSL offers. I could not find Kems and Fastelco. Please can some of our expert friends summarize and recommend the best & viable Offer one should go for! B-t-w, is Qnet/Kems ok with DreamB0x? Tks again for your suggestions/comments. K/Rgds Supermario
  21. Wishing all our friends a great year ahead 2010 Good Luck Supermario
  22. Hi Guys I have a yearly subscribption from Fasttelco for 256 DSL speed for which I paid 59 KD. The same is expiring of March 24, 2010. Now I have a renewal offer for the same speed from Fasttelco for 47 KD. Is it worth? Need suggestions from our friends here whether it is advisable to renew for this price? Thanks for any comments/suggestions. B/Rgds Supermario
  23. Hello Friends I am looking for a Compact Flash or Compact Flash adaptor with any capacity say 128mb/256mb/512 mb. If any one has please let me know the price. Tks Supermario ... q=&start=0
  24. Hi Friends I just saw an add today on Al-Watan newspaper which says Iphone 16Gs & 32Gs OFFICIALLY UNLOCKED from Eurocom. 16GB - 199 KD 32GB - 229 KD Good Luck to all our friends who want to buy the Iphone. B/Rgds Supermario
  25. I just got the add read by someone and it seems there are some strings tied . B-t-w, I was not able to adit my above post.