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  1. Hi Shoxin Tks for the info. I am planning to buy a Canon SX100IS camera, a 4 GB SD card, HDMI cable and optical cable. Pls can you let me know what would be the damages (Cost). Tks again for any info/comments. B/Rgds Superm
  2. Hi M8's Nice informative thread I bought mine a year ago for KD. 350/= 32" and "V" series from Sony dealer. I also have 25" Trinitron for more than 10 years - excellent picture quality. I would def. recommend Sony or Samsung. I have read lots of user reviews which are good. Good Luck Superm
  3. Hello Friends Re: Shopping online I too was wondering if there is any one here who would guide us to the right procedure of shopping online and/or if there is any Co. or individual doing or assisting to buy online. Any suggestions/comments appreciated. B/Rgds Superm
  4. My friend the only option to visit the transit is with wasta. If not forget it. I work there - Even with my DGCA (Directorate General of Civil Aviation) ID they dont allow me to go to transit. Yes, if you are a American/European you may be luckly G00D Luck Superm
  5. Hi Friends I have a DM-7020S for more than a year now. Bought it from the Agent here for KD. 165/=. So far so good. Get most of the HB 13E channels plus 26E Badr channels. However, one has to be in touch with the Satellite forums to know the updates of what is going on in the Satellite world. Also one very important thing is to know someone reliable to do the CS. Its a box where there is lot to play with and knowledge of PC is a must. If you are looking for something easy then I would suggest Fortec Star. Good Luck Superm
  6. Hello Friends I have read a few threads here which was quite sometime back. I need your help/suggestion/feedback of the best ISP in kuwait. Presently using United Networks ADSL 128kbps which is going to expire soon. The rate for yearly subscription is KD. 90/= (renewal). I use the net for browsing internet/downloading + Csharing (CS). Any comments will help. K/Rgds Superm
  7. Hello Friends I want to convey my thanks and appreciations to all the members who participated. B/Rgds Superm
  8. Hello M8's I am too having problem with d/load speed with UN. Using ADSL 128Kbps. Can any one tell me what should be the normal d/load speed with ADSL 128 connection. Mine starts with 16 KB/sec and gradually drops to 14 and stays constantly between 5 - 6 KB/sec. Tks Superm
  9. Hello M8's Nice to be here on 248am. Great site with a lot of information for people living in Q8. I want to convey my thanks to the Admin./Mod. for accepting my membership. I also want to convey my special thanks to MARK for his prompt response without which I wouldn't be here. B/Rgds Supermario