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  1. I need two of these. Where can I get them in Kuwait. I don't want to order online Thanks
  2. Hi, My free gold membership has expired and i can't renew it with my kuwaiti visa/mastercard. What shall I do ? My account regeon is UK
  3. why shift ? who complained ? it works just fine ...
  4. drop me one please fahood gmail
  5. daily flights from ku air and sa air to jedda
  6. spare some invites for me ?
  7. Didnt work for me. Finally had to fire up my hex editor and do it the old fashioned way. can u share how did u do it ?
  8. 5arbaw mishref
  9. yup 2009 is a FAIL year. -Financial Crises -Sand storms -Shitass internet -Parlamint sucks -Gaza 8 Months to go who knows what will happen ?
  10. hmm abdulla congratulating marriam on the new blackberry what's the point unless you got zain line with the service. for us wataniya users iphone is amazing.
  11. iBlacklist would do the same, but it fails me sometimes. I'll try PYSL and see, once I reach Kuwait.
  12. Hi guys, I tried to search the forum to see if this issue has been discussed before or not, I didn't find any threads open. So, SOMEONE keeps calling my number even though I asked this person to refrain from doing so. I used iBlacklist on my iphone and sometimes it fails me. I need to block their number from the network itself. Has it been done before? I don't want to change my line. Thanks.
  13. 6alabat isn't that amazing. orders usually take 30 min extra to be delivered in comparison when you order by phone.
  14. I used to be a regular reader of stuff magazine in Dublin. Now I follow their podcast since i settled in Kuwait
  15. thanks turned out well.