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  1. ouch. too rich for me. I have stumbled on an android based radio head unit on that website though... will have a look at some reviews etc. but seems to have what I'm after
  2. my own opinion - adding those fender flares and not doing a lift would look odd. @ Mark - has your ride softened at all with the OME suspension since you got them? everyone I've spoken to has said that there isn't anything as soft as the stock suspensions.
  3. i should have added that I'm not an iphone user, so something that's android compatible
  4. Thanks for the link Mark. Have you subsequently seen anything better than the Alpine W407 or ilx 007? I'm in the market for something for my FJ too.
  5. btw, from time of order (USA) to time of delivery here, was 6 days.
  6. Thanks - went with Vapenw and Postaplus after your recommendations. Interesting regarding the GCC meet. What is really silly (though I'm thankful) is Kuwait lifting the ban just a few weeks before this meeting which could see them reverse it (again)?!
  7. expecting delivery of my equipment and juices today. 7.150 KD with postaplus
  8. my postaplus shipment is now "under clearance"
  9. I have all but given up on getting US Netflix to work again on my xbox
  10. Postaplus told me they wont ship lithium batteries - so you are probably right that they only may slip it through if its with other equipment. I will use the MXJOs for now and get the Samsung 25R or similar when I'm out the country next month. Hoping to get my vape equipment by next week - showing as "in Transit" since 13th March
  11. beggars cant be choosers.... so ordered the battery from Mr. Babu @izzyq8 - approximately how long did you prior shipments take from vapenw to KW with Postaplus?
  12. http://www.mrbabu.com/2-mxjo-imr-18650-3000mah-20a-3.7v-rechargeable-flat-top-high-drain-battery-batteries-en.html only seem to have the mxjo which isnt ideal from what i've been told.... and its 12kd
  13. any reliable instagram accounts that speak English?
  14. Kanger subox mini pro kit and a few juices
  15. Might be a silly question but where can I get those "18650" batteries from locally?