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  1. Get a windshield filler resin, its basically a colourless liquid that you squirt into the windshield crack and let it dry and it would look like brand new for much cheaper. i think Ace might have it I'm not very sure but i saw them use it in switzerland and its rather brilliant (if you have good hands). BUT I'm not sure it works for all types of cracks like e.g i don't THINK it would work for star, chips or spider cracks but i could be wrong.
  2. Im getting close to 18 and am thinking about buying a car. I'm not doing the whole "daddy get me a car", i want get get my self my own car off my own money. i was hoping for a Beetle but i stupidly was looking at the european website then i found the price in Kuwait was way more than that, my parents also are thinking of getting some new cars and we i looked at Mercedes in Europe but in Kuwait it was almost TWICE the price!! (that rhymed). So I'm thinking about buying the car off Europe maybe Greece and shipping it to Kuwait or to jeddah and getting it here by lorries. Will that be cheaper and can i get a VAT refund or some tax reduction cause I'm not going to use it in Europe? and any advice?
  3. no i want advice and thats it,i have everything covered. i just need to know is if i can reclaim the vat tax off a car and how, also, if i can get an international warranty on a car and if anyone has any tips on buying a car abroad. That was my question right from the start, but everyone was too busy either mocking the beetle .. which is still the most beautiful car hitler could have ever created or talking about what car they want to buy.
  4. its not hard but its not simple
  5. im not wasting my money on that ... i don't poop money. plus they don't except 5 kd.
  6. my dad did i either the person said they don't know, or wanted money.
  7. I'm pretty sure its not simple, if it was everyone would do it.
  8. can u get a car passport thingy i heard it means u have international warrant service or something like that.
  9. It has only been stopped in the USA. "On 5 November 2013, Toyota USA announced the 2014 model year Trail Teams edition would be called the "Ultimate Edition" and that the 2014 model year would be the last for the FJ Cruiser in that market.[5] It will however continue to be made for sale in other markets such as Australia[6][7] and The Middle East.[8]" i got this off wikipedia Check mate mark :3 (don't kill my joy)
  10. i didn't know that, so does that mean parts would get harder to find?
  11. not really since when you go out and look around everyone can't keep their eyes off their phones for a second when walking, cooking, driving and in the malls you have a family no one talking to each other even the 4 year old has a iPad.
  12. Peugeot and Toyota (not sure wat models) i heard allow you to lease car, it has a pretty good reputation and its like renting a new car. they are a bit expensive its the best you can get i think. 1. yup they have contracts in english and arabic 2. the cars are pretty new and have good safety standards 3. yup
  13. And how did you manage to figure out the forum is dead? o,0
  14. Look GoogleIt, its you car not other people's ok, so don't give two shits about what other people have to say about the car you like. I see the Fj as nicer than the tahoe because it looks more modern and more compact. I seem to relate the Tahoe to 3awazm (no offence), its a bit like how you relate the beetle to well gays or girls. But the problem with the Fj is that the design hasn't changed since 2008 and I'm sure its gonna get a facelift soo, so haram wasting money on a car if the design is gonna change in 2 years. how much do both of them cost ? maybe you can find more options.
  15. were the scissor doors on the mercedes done professionally?
  16. 0_0
  17. Or buy a Vespa?
  18. ...... it looks like something rappers would like.
  19. i mean a bit too much
  20. Thats a bit over isn't it?
  21. Lexus is boring and really doesn't do much. A G class can out do a lexus suv anyday anywhere. Plus German cars have far better safety features and entertainment features on their cars basically worth more for about the same money.
  22. wait but wat if ur kuwaiti?
  23. its not like I'm buying a pink car with rainbows all over it ok the "new beetle" from 2004 was extremely girly but the new one is way better.
  24. What do you guys have against fucking beetles? anyway thanks for the advice.
  25. I hate you guys . Its a nice car in my opinion. Answer the bloody question don't judge. MARK thats a bit rich coming from the guy that drives around in a vespa... in kuwait!