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  1. Hey there, just wanted to let you know I've been able to get low ping to EU (115 ms) by using WTFast when the internet is slow. Just download it from here There's a free trial which is what i'm using for now. Here's how to get it working: Select "Free basic user" Login Type in the game name, for example League of Legends Select Manually customize network route Choose Western Europe IT2. This is the one that gave me the lowest ping to LoL EU servers, you can try your luck with the others. It will attempt to launch your game, if it doesnt work just launch it yourself. Play with low ping!
  2. Yup same thing, around 7 pm the internet becomes pretty slow with high ping. It becomes better around 1 or 2 am though. This is the Qualitynet Gaming package, so it's pretty sad they can't even guarantee low ping.
  3. Yep the ping has been really high and youtube is shitty for me as well, on and off for the past few weeks. I called them to complain. I guess it wouldn't hurt if you called them too, maybe then they'll realize there's actually a problem. EDIT: I called again, and theres an automated message that says: "We are having a major problem with the service." So I guess they do know.
  4. I wouldn't use it anymore. You generally want your PSU to be the highest quality component in your build as you are at risk of harming your other components. Just to be safe, get a replacement.
  5. I go to movies from time to time. Certain movies are meant to be watched in the cinema, and sometimes I do it as more of a social thing. You can usually tell which movie will be overly censored and you just avoid them. But yeah, Guardians of the galaxy only had 2 scenes cut for me, pretty watchable. X-men was a disaster however, never saw Mystique's butt once. It just annoys me when the censorship is over the top, like when it's a kids movie. I can't believe How to train your dragon 2 had more than 1 scene cut.
  6. Got a similar email from Adobe. Just make sure you aren't reusing the same password for all your accounts and you should be fine.
  7. I'm afraid to try this stuff out. You guys seem to have an addiction.
  8. Sure. Qualitynet Gaming 6 mpbs. I play League of Legends on EU, their datacenter is in Amsterdam. I get anywhere from 100-150 ms. It's actually been pretty bad this past few weeks, getting 148 ms on LoL when I used to get like 110.
  9. 15 ms on Qualitynet Gaming.
  10. Yeah 650 is kind of crazy for freaking chair. I'll check out the Steelcase ones. Thanks for the info!
  11. Is Behbehani the Herman Miller dealer? And steelcase is Business machine? Having trouble finding where they're sold. Also, where'd you get the Keilhauer, it's pretty.
  12. So my office chair kind of broke in half. I've had it for like 6 years so I wasn't even mad. Anyway, where can I buy one in Kuwait that isn't IKEA. Looking for some mid to high end stuff, Herman Miller, Steelcase or anything similar.
  13. I've tried a lot of ISP's. Gulfnet was by far the worst for gaming, constant dropouts, unstable ping. The best has been Qualitynet with the gaming package. What area are you located? Are you sure the maximum speed of your line is 2mbps? I was told this by Gulfnet and then when i switched ISP's they said the maximum speed I could get was 8mbps.
  14. Check your pm.
  15. Doesn't easily tear.