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  1. After receiving email from VFS Global that they have received the processed application , how many days will it take to receive it by courier? Unfortunately, I have opted for courier service and going out from office between 4-5 is not possible. There is no way to track, no telephone number to inquire. I am all lost.
  2. ok thanks I will check
  3. Thanks Arikado, I think that's why they want because i saw images on google and they are small in size but look like pizza. Can you specify any area or specific baqala where you saw it?
  4. Hi, Where can I get gummy pizza in Kuwait? Actually, I have never eaten or seen it. My nephews requested me to bring it and I don't know from where can i get it. Any ideas? Thanks.
  5. Hi, I have 9 KD Internet (MyNet 200GB LTE) subscription with Ooredoo since August 2015 and have been regularly paying the monthly amount and service was good. Suddenly from December 4G was not connecting, I tried a lot and finally figured out that my package got changed to MyNet Basic and it doesn't support 4G, so I connected to 3G but the speed is 1kb/sec and it's a disaster. I registered a Trouble Ticket with Ooredoo on 3rd December 2015 and since then calling them on daily basis to check on the status and they say that it is under progress, we will send email reminder, we will intimate the team leader, we will intimate the manager, etc,etc, lame excuses. I tried to register another TT from the website but it gives error. Sent them email and they replied to contact Customer Service, sent them message on facebook and nobody responded. Wanted to speak with some manager but they told he is busy, on another call, will call back, etc,etc,etc,etc.. Anyway to contact their Top Management and let them know about my problem and their customer service being the worst????
  6. tasdeed online
  7. it is a very lengthy process and it's like making a person die and creating a new person.- change in passport, change in certificates, change in all official documents, changing civil id number, getting clearance from fingerprint office, getting fingerprint done again on new civil id, very exhausting and tiring process.
  8. ok, found 'NONE' in the profession list.
  9. Hi, I am trying to apply online for UAE visa for GCC residents for my wife and sons, but what shall I select in Profession? My wife residency says "ربة منزل" which translates to House Wife, I found one profession called HOUSE WIFE, I will select that. My son residency says "Ø·ÙÙ„" which translates to Infant but there's no profession called Infant or Kid or Child and the form keeps on giving error that Profession is required. Anybody who applied recently for their family? Any suggestion? I have already mailed AMER with my query.
  10. Hi xboclibe, the visit visa for relatives have been reduced to 1 month and validity also 1 month except for family (wife and children). Unfortunately mother and father are in the relatives bracket. If somebody can confirm that they took visit visa for parents and it was for 3 months, i would be very happy.
  11. Hi, I need to apply for dependent visa for my mother who is a widow. My father died nearly 15 years ago. I came to kuwait after his death to support the family. I am living here with my wife and 2 kids. I used to call my mother on 3 month visit visa, send back to India, then call her back again, send my family with her,etc.. I was managing this way as there is no one to take care of her back in India. Now, visit visa has been reduced to 1 month and as 15 years have passed by, my mother has become weak and old and cannot walk short distance also, a wheelchair is required. I have my father's death certificate attested, translated by ministry of justice,etc. All paperwork is handy. I tried many times to get dependent visa for her but they issued visit visa instead. Recently read in newspapers that expat parents visa has been discontinued. Any suggestions or help would be appreciable. Thanks & Regards, Syed.
  12. Hi, Yesterday I was in prayer inside masjid and my car was parked outside masjid. When I came outside I saw that a taxi had already hit my car from behind and the damage to my vehicle from back is bad and also from front but the front vehicle was gone. The taxi driver called police, they came and told to bring car to police station, we went there and they told to come todqy at 10. We went, they sent us to investigatation dept, the supervisor saw the photos and asked both of us what happened, at last he told the taxi driver to pay 50kd which.he paid and told us to come tomorrow again. They did not take any money from me. The cars are still in station. I dont know what is the procedure and what will.happen next. Does anybody gone through this can share their experience and advice? It was not my fault and im in this trouble. The taxi driver told that he has full insurance, I have third party insurance.
  13. Hi Where can i get quince fruit in kuwait? Thanks in advance.
  14. goker?
  15. @goker, are you going to propose or everything is arranged?