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  1. Anne There are some people down below in the Sports section who were talking tennis. They should be able to point you in the right direction. I think they talked about courts in Mishref and I know the Corniche has some courts as well (but I imagine it requires membership)
  2. So to be a bit more specific. A leasing company that: 1) Provides contracts in English and Arabic (as I have to send the contract back to my company at home); 2) Provides vehicles that are up to Western Safety Standards - working seatbelts etc. I have seen adds for much older vehicles available for lease which may not be the most safe maybe they are but I don't know what I don't know. As I have a family this is important; 3) Good maintenance reputation for those vehicles it does lease.
  3. Thanks - I'll go right there...
  4. Any recommendations as to where a westerner could lease a vehicle for about a year. Aayan auto? Priority? Thanks in advance.
  5. Excellent thanks for the info. I may see you in August at the Marina Crescent then - I will be the one with the dog flopped on her back.
  6. I thought this had been resolved when we talked with the real estate agent but now I am not so sure after seeing a question raised by someone on the main page. I assumed that I could walk my dog along the gulf road, on the sidewalk. Is this not the case? I have to walk her on the beach?
  7. Mark Thanks for the suggestion. The problem from what I understand is that my company will be continuing to place my pay into a Canadian account. To transfer this pay into a local bank account would require a wire funds transfer into the Kuwait account which would cost me a small chunk of change each time. A larger chunk then what I might save in ATM fees. That's how it was explained to me anyways. K
  8. Hello I will be moving to Kuwait from Canada in August for about a year. I just visited Kuwait looking for a place and I was disappointed with how often my RBC bank card was turned down by various bank machines even one or 2 with the plus symbol. Does anyone have any success with other Canadian banks that I am not enjoying with RBC? I have seen that TD is pretty good for waiving international transactions but I am not sure if that helps out in other areas as well. Thanks