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  1. care to share the name and location of the Nepalese restaurants ? thanks
  2. you wont find anything other than the stuff in supermarktes, lakeland had a few for sale a while back and i bought a few bottles they had custard and raspberry, a few weeks later i went to buy some more and they said its out of stock and they wont bring anymore because the baladiya requiers alot of papers, material safety data and alot i know i tried ordering some online, and only got them released after alot of leg work and the final dude said ok to release for testing and research. now the law allows for vaping juice so just ask the flavoring company to label it as ejuice and not food flavoring.
  3. why is it hard ? i have bought alot for me and for family and friends, i even sold a few, have you seen a 18650 vent or explode ? the last thing you want is a fake battery. the only accurate no bs batteries are lg says 3000mah 20amp, 1500mah 30amp tested and proved the rest over sell their rated powers efest, samsung, mxjo, and sony all are shit, the only real 30amp 18650 batteries are lg's HB2,HB4 and HB6.
  4. i just got 9 lg hb2 and thats all im going to use now.
  5. (99%) of batteries locally are fake, can you guess which are bought locally and which are ordered from the uk ?
  6. go rda it will seem weird and difficult at first but you will love it, i used to go through two tanks on the crown/rafale sometimes 3.
  7. im sorry but you dont really need anything more than 3mg, lets say you smoked a 0.8mg nicotine cigarette which is the highest i know of, 0.8x20 thats 16mg a pack, using 6mg juice is 6mg per ml lets say you go through a whole full tank rafale that is 5ml of 6mg = 24mg, the question is how many mls of juice do you use per a day ?
  8. how long did it take to reach this level of stupidity ? il just ignore you from now on.
  9. that maybe how it works abroad but not here buddy, 40% tint is blacker than 30%, in kuwait the 100% tint is pitch black or what you know and think of as 5%, what your calling 30% on your crown vic is really 70-80% in kuwait and is in violation of moi traffic laws.
  10. nope not once, it really depends on how you look and what you drive, but i did get the "lower the window half way, that looks like more than 30%, and your front window is tinted too" i usually say its 30% and they go "are you sure we have the device to check" i just say go ahead and he just lets me go, or i say its 40% and hes like thats illegal go remove it and come back and i reply with can i do it here now ? the answer is no go park someplace do it there some higher ranking guy usually ask how much let him pass, or if im with my dad he does it. my brother has a matte blue crown vic and its tinted and had wider rims and when he went there, he went inside without his car and asked if they will renew matte or does he need to paint it and they told him its ok to renew but change the rims back to stock and remove the tinting, he headed back and when he reached his car a police officer who worked there told him they didnt let you renew ? he told him what they said and he took my brothers papers and told him to wait here 10 mins later he came back and told him thats it done. again it depends on what you drive and how you look and what you say, i get pulled over and they ask and i say its 30 but i have curtains and hes like its a ticket i say ok and he heads to his car and asks me to remove the rear curtains and he says its for safety reasons and so incase you are parked we need to see thru you car without going around i reply with but its hot and if im parked i usually put them back and i also put the front side windows and the sun shield cause im parked in the sun and as far as i know its ok to do that as long as i take them off before getting into the car and before starting it, he shakes his head and smiles and says il let you go but take them rear one off before driving.
  11. i have 40% tint on all my windows including the front and back,plus i got the black curtains on the rear window and side and rear passenger seats, i did on all my cars, 7 years no one ever said anything about it, doesnt mean i cant be fined for it, no one carries a fire extinguisher anymore but you can be fined, the fine is called تغير شكل جوهري للسياره, means changing anything, adding anything is illegal. for example changing my exhaust to a more efficient one, a quieter one is still illegal i may still be fined if he was in a bad mood.
  12. can you please show me a link a picture anything where it says a bike rack is allowed ?
  13. did it come that way from the local dealer ? if the answer is no then its not allowed.
  14. dont you get refunds to your bank account ? same thing.
  15. it should have, nope, first you go open the box with the customs official, or he will ask what did you order and open the box and i dont care what it is a empty cd, a multi vitamin, a pool cue, a shoe or whatever he can send it to wtv ministry to check such item, but they usually dont, back then when it was illegal to order ejuice some of them usually let some slide for the normal non wasta people, and again its up to the guy, if you send a brick of cocaine and it reached the customs guy without it being detected by dogs or the sorts he can open it and ask what did u order and you say creatine and he will hand you the box.