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  1. chemistry

    There's a Chemist near Old Salmiya, here's his whip...
  2. Any update on this Mark? I heard they've demolished the store/building like years ago... where was it located anyway? http://248am.com/mark/interesting/abandoned-apple-store-redux/
  3. I misread you, my bad.
  4. I live in Kuwait. Look closely at my license plate.
  5. I've got 30% tint all the way around except the windshield, never had any issues. 30% is legal here, anything below that is illegal. 40% is lighter than 30%.
  6. Just order any GM key fob on eBay or Amazon, program it yourself, takes less than 5 mins. Read the owner's manual for instructions, also there are tons of tutorial videos on YouTube. If you're too lazy, just go to Zeena Street in Shuwaikh, there are auto locksmiths shops all over the place. I was charged 12 KD for a Ford Crown Victoria key fob, local Ford dealer quoted me about 15 KD for an OEM key fob. Not really much of a big difference.
  7. There are sharks, so you might wanna be careful.
  8. I remember replacing the windshield of my Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor at some auto glass shop in Canada Dry St., Shuwaikh for 22 KD like 2 years ago. The guy originally wanted 28 KD but I talked him down to 22 KD. The local Ford dealer quoted me about 75 KD for an OEM Carlite windshield which is made in the USA and has a Ford logo on it. I originally wanted to go with the Carlite windshield then I realized it's just gonna probably get cracked and chipped again so I went ahead with the 22 KD one which is made in Saudi Arabia. It's been 2 years and so far no sign of cracks or chips. Great quality, I highly recommend it!
  9. Sorry about the double post, not sure what happened.
  10. Just get a Toyota Prius and slap a couple Lexus badges on it and you're good to go. You'll probably be the first one to own a Prius in the whole Kuwait, there are a couple in the UAE that I'm aware of.
  11. Get a Toyota Prius and just slap a couple Lexus badges and you're good to go. You'll probably be the first one to own a Prius in the whole Kuwait, there are a couple in the UAE that I'm aware of.
  12. I'm a noob, so what's the best reliable forwarding company out there that isn't blacklisted by Apple? I plan to use this kinda service once, don't wanna get ripped off or robbed! I apologize if I posted this in the wrong section. Thanks in advance.
  13. Yes but you need a US address.
  14. Great! Now I just hope both are not blacklisted by Apple US as I've heard. Thanks for your help, Mark. I really appreciate it.
  15. Alright, so what's the best forwarding service out there to ship an iPhone? I was told to stay away from Shop & Ship/Aramex since they're slow and apparently their service sucks. Thanks.
  16. You misread my question, Mark. I'm talking about forwarding services like MyUS, Borderlinx, etc. Not courier services. Wish I could just use DHL or FedEx to ship my iPhone over here but unfortunately I can't since Apple doesn't ship to addresses outside the United States, I have to use a forwarding service, I'm sure y'all are aware of that.