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  1. Just posted a photo @ Failakka Village, Al 'Āşimah, Kuwait

  2. Manga pickups: Satoshi Kon's Tropic Of The Sea & Few Berserk Manga Volumes. far_foor46 thank…

  3. Anyone using torrent?

  4. Hard Luck for Syria!

  5. Yesterday, Syria vs. Australia(football match) awesome!! يا سوريا يا بلدي #syria #سوريا

  6. I've watched Kids Return(Takeshi Kitano film). Best Japanese Film!! A Must Watch!! BTW, Takeshi…

  7. Just posted a video @ Avenue Mall

  8. There's Few Takeshi Kitano's movies i really wanted to…

  9. Awesome restaurant & Cafe. That should bring it in kuwait. Also Malaysian Food!! Malaysian food…

  10. It's Has Alot of Asian products!! @ TASTE of ASIA

  11. Look, long ago there's writter before PC or computers. @ Publika

  12. I've ate this restaurant!! Man!! Really good seafood restaurant in langkawi or this is really…

  13. Awesome!! It's original!! Unlikely Japanese restaurants in kuwait!! @ Ukaizan Restaurant

  14. There's car plate name/number & it's says WWE!! LOL!! @ Malaysia

  15. Just posted a photo @ GSCinemas