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  1. Hard Luck for Syria!

  2. Yesterday, Syria vs. Australia(football match) awesome!! يا سوريا يا بلدي #syria #سوريا

  3. I've watched Kids Return(Takeshi Kitano film). Best Japanese Film!! A Must Watch!! BTW, Takeshi…

  4. Just posted a video @ Avenue Mall

  5. There's Few Takeshi Kitano's movies i really wanted to…

  6. Awesome restaurant & Cafe. That should bring it in kuwait. Also Malaysian Food!! Malaysian food…

  7. It's Has Alot of Asian products!! @ TASTE of ASIA

  8. Look, long ago there's writter before PC or computers. @ Publika

  9. I've ate this restaurant!! Man!! Really good seafood restaurant in langkawi or this is really…

  10. Awesome!! It's original!! Unlikely Japanese restaurants in kuwait!! @ Ukaizan Restaurant

  11. There's car plate name/number & it's says WWE!! LOL!! @ Malaysia

  12. Just posted a photo @ GSCinemas

  13. My first time travelling to Malaysia with Eithad airways & transit Abu Dhabi. @ Kuwait…

  14. @THEAnimeHERO Hey Anime Hero, Cyborg 009 The Cyborg Soldier, Ashita No Joe & Hells(Anime Movie) Got Licenced By Discotek!!

  15. I just added JoJo's Bizarre Adven... to my library! #tvtime

  16. @MrFalconnPunch I've Read manga Called Black Angels. It's Cool Manga & Its From 80's. But unfortunately only 5 chap…

  17. War for the planet of the apes(3rd movie of Planet of the Apes reboot trilogy) is perfect &…

  18. Lol!! Seal eaten by shark!!

  19. Man!! I've watched it movie yesterday called Ichi The Killer. What the hell I'm watching & I've…

  20. Long time cheesecake factory @ The Cheesecake Factory Middle East

  21. Preparing for Spidey Film. @ Grand Cinema

  22. This movie looks like a Bad Ripoff of Pirates of the Caribbean with Generic Arabic Comedy plus…

  23. Enjoying Tea After Iftar!!

  24. Just posted a photo

  25. Just posted a photo