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  1. Any place or events I should know about in order to get into film making and meet filmmakers ?
  2. I'm looking for a good saloon and spa for men where I could get a good haircut, Moroccan bath and feet scrubbing. What are the best ones ? I went to Salmiya couldn't find one.
  3. Just tried it and it's crowded as hell. IMO the burger is less greasy or thick than the one in Dubai Mall.
  4. Good video. I think Mark should post it.
  5. Is it serving food ? I'd like to compare it with the one in Dubai Mall.
  6. I called the Korean super market and they sell. Thank's again Mark.
  7. Great! Thank's Mark. I will be travelling to Manchester to see AC DC next week. Not amused though because Axl Rose will be singing instead of Brian Johnson.
  8. Is it legal or OK to use my Kuwaiti drivers license to drive in US Canada and UK ? Or do I need international ones ?
  9. I searched everywhere. Lulu, Co-op, Geant. No luck.
  10. OSN ? Jazeera ? Which channels ?
  11. How can you assume or be sure I was a victim of bullying ? So 12-16 year olds jumping from second floors is OK !? Yet teachers and school principles do nothing about it ? And white blue eyes kids has nothing to do with this topic we're discussing home schooling in Kuwait not schools in UK or US. Kuwait public schools are not cool. My cousin who's married to American had his kids home schooled for two years but now they're in private schools. I don't know if the kids carry US or Kuwaiti citizenships though.
  12. If you think going to public/governmental schools in Kuwait would make your child learn social skills, then you're wrong lol. Heck even private schools in Kuwait are expensive and useless. I don't believe in school teaching. Typical days in Kuwaiti public schools lol Oh the old days haha That's some mad social skillz right there hahahaha! What I'm trying to say is this is what kids will learn in school:- Rap battles which the only words you'll hear are arabic curse words. Girl talk girl talk. Skipping classes. Getting humped during breaks at food courts which sell the same food. Music is Haram. Bully the soft white blonde kid. Or fuck him if you like to. I wasted 12 years of my life going to school learning nothing. And hey I'm pretty sure everyone has too.
  13. So I'm planning on taking either acting/filmmaking classes or music electric guitar classes and was wondering has anyone tried either ? How was your experience ? Did you gain knowledge in the field you were in ?