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  1. I visited Toyota spare parts earlier today and checkout the prices, the cost of one flender is 420! for the trd gcc version, are you kidding me with those prices lol and they didn't have the wheels and i couldn't find them anywhere ;/ damn it why is so hard to find those TRD parts ;s am definetley not paying around 2K for those flenders, found a full set in ORP around 185 and they look the same. Mark i think the lift is around 2" right ? for the gcc trd version the one in the link above, i also went to ORP and checked out the lift kits and the suspensions, i'd like something to make my car stable while turning and avoiding it going downwards while braking, what do you recommend ?
  2. Yup that one https://www.google.com.kw/search?q=fj+trd+2015&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwiVlLXSuObLAhXIO5oKHW1VDVoQ_AUIBygB&biw=1440&bih=775#imgrc=bNWOzdLSzYv8QM%3A and thanks really appreciate it
  3. Thanks for the quick feedback Mark, I meant buying the mud flaps, door stands, wheels, covers above the tires. I really liked the wheels on the TRD but could'nt find any on the web wanted to check prices and compare you know . So is there like a good garage you know that own those parts with good prices ( original ) ? Also i wasnt considering lifting since the car is a light weight and i drive fast, kinda afraid from flipping over lol but your FJ looks really cool with the lift, i might install a lift but not too much, btw your FJ would looked great if you installed those TRD tire cover the ones above directly instead of the stock parts.. oh well dunno where to start with my FJ lol
  4. Hey mark and everyone else, Since your an FJ owner, i'd like to ask you some questions. First of all i own a 2012 FJ and would like to to get all TRD parts, similar to the one to that got released last year including the tires. Also i'd like to black out every thing basically, the exterior color is black so the white top needs to be blacked out. Therefor i really need your help like where can i get those parts from (original) ? someone told me to visit the dealer but i assumed that they sell parts with high prices. I hope that you recommend some specific garage with original stuff and reasonable prices, also regarding the black painting if you a good place. One more thing i need to change my tires this summer, am wondering should i get Michelin tires or the ones from the deal which are YOKOHOMA. I've seem your Tire rack post and your tires look cool ! but the problem is that they add weight right ? Thanks !