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  1. I use my phone's internet which is from Ooredo and the ping when I play overwatch is stable at 155-160, very rarely if ever spikes... it's actually better than pretty much all wireless routers I've tried so far lmao.
  2. That cat at the end :3 decent vid.
  3. found this at saveco, thanks! that being said i've never been to/heard of saveco before, it's pretty rad.
  4. I know for certain that coconut oil tahini quinoa barley chilies are always available throughout the year, i would feel confident about finding the other stuff too, kuwait seems to be full of shops that have everything. if you can't find it in one shop, you'll find it in the next
  5. Good to know that it's at least sold in Kuwait, I've got a few places in mind to check out and one of them probably should have it.
  6. I'm not currently in Kuwait but I discovered this amazing sauce called Frank's RedHot, and I was wondering if anyone knows it or seen it being sold somewhere around Kuwait, sultan centre maybe? Tried checking sultan centre's website but I don't think they show their products there, and google gives no results.
  7. np. u must be in quite the tough spot, sorry mate :[
  8. I was just reading the scholarship terms the other day (i'm also a student studying abroad, in Ireland) and I very distinctly recall a rule saying you can only marry kuwaitis. You didn't mention your woman's nationality. This is assuming that you, like me, are on a scholarship from the ministry of higher education/government. Check here: Or see the image below, #7.
  9. you say you like playing games... are you competitive about any of them? fighting games? smash bros? pokken? etc, even league, but I don't know much about their scene. if yes, or if you're willing to get into them just to socialize.. then I'll point you in a direction, message me on here if you want.
  10. When I was a kid (around ~3rd grade, so your son's age) my parents put me in this 'summer school' called infocenter I believe, I don't really remember much but I do remember having a lot of fun there, watching The Lion King, and making some cool friends. This was over 10 years ago though, I don't know about it now lol. sorry, can't help much.
  11. This is very surprising if true. shocking, even. never heard of such a thing :/
  12. I can't really say for SURE but I would think it's legal. I personally know a guy who trades in vapes (friend of a friend), and I follow a couple pages on instagram who also do the same, and they import their stuff from the US and other countries. I don't see why they'd confiscate your vapes. Print the paper though just in case and put it in like, you won't lose anything by doing that. That said, I'd take the important stuff (like a vape and some e-juice) on my carry on and leave the rest in the checked luggage, tho make sure if you're taking any juice that it's not over the specified amount that you can take w/ you on the plane (less than 100ml or whatever). When you put your bottles in your luggage make sure to wrap them well in a good plastic bag.
  13. Mishrif block 6's shop has them, but there's a high chance you'll find them at any jam'aiya/co-op
  14. I've never seen gummy pizzas larger than the palm of your hand. The small ones can be found in pretty much any grocery shop. there might be bigger ones but I've never seen them.
  15. You actually have to be 216 months old, or 939 weeks, or better yet, 6570 days. It's also possible to get it if you're 157680 hours old, or 9,461,000 minutes.