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  1. Lol, yes I tried to google it and found a website but they rejected me once I signed in. they only allowed spanish and other foreigners living in Kuwait. And no I am not marrying to learn spanish XD (No wife/girlfriend, no problemo!)
  2. Hey SonyBoy,I am auk graduate and my friends who took spanish courses said its not quite good and its something fixed that u have to follow and pass. I want someway flexible and random. Something not focused on writing a paper but communicating and understanding street language and basics. Thanks,
  3. Googled it and it's pimsleur. I will check it out. But I prefer one on one conversation and real life live learning. So if anyone has more options for me or whoever knows Spanish and are willing to teach me I will be thankful.. Thanks a lot Angivl!
  4. Hello, I'm looking forward to learn to speak Spanish with the proper accent. I was searching for months and I couldn't find any good place other than KU which I find not suitable with my timings and needs. So if you guys can help me find a good way to learn Spanish here in Kuwait I would really appreciate it. I am also looking friendly Spanish/Mexican people living in Kuwait to be friends with since it will also help me learn, or teachers as in private sessions. I need it for me and I'm 25 m. Hit me up guys if you are eligible or if you can help. Grasias!