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  1. I have a ford explorer 2013, as personal project, I placed a Lenovo yoga tablet in the dash (Picture Attached) connected it to the AUX and got its power from the car charger. It worked perfectly. Sound was low at first so I got a mini amp with USB power, which solved the sound problem. I used Automate android app and it worked perfectly for navigation, phone, media player and so on... However, now I want to make look more professional and part of the car, so I have purchased from Amazon couple of accessories to complete the job, a split OTG cable to connect the track pad (the track pad will be placed in the location of the cup holder), a fuse connector to connect the DC converter so the pad charging turns on and of when I turn on the car and it doesn't drain the battery, and ODBII Bluetooth connector to get the car diagnostics on the tab, and a iPad mini plastic frame which I customized to use for the Galaxy Tab S2 as a docking station. I want to place the tab in the same location as the picture, have a enclosure around it, inside the box I will keep the amp and the DC converter. Since the tab is on the AC vents, I will run a small line into the box to keep the equipment cool in summer. So I need someone to fabricate the enclosure, I was thinking of doing it out of wood and then cover it in leather (same color as the dash) Or make it out of fiberglass and paint it in black.
  2. Hi I'm looking to buy a Mercedes E200 model 2014, do you think that the engine is ok for that car? or its unreliable and I should go for a bigger engine?
  3. Is there someone in Kuwait who fabricates custom dashboards? I have integrated a screen in my car but want to make it look as a part of the dash, therefore needs someone who can fabricate parts such as fiber glass or something similar.