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  1. Just too much mis-information.
  2. Good Morning, I just noticed that many of Phone re-selling is being done by username "Kevin". I bought a mobile from him LG G4, he said its stuck on Bootscreen but it has been repaired. Just be careful when dealing with him. His mobile number is 66817191. Some of his ads are below:
  3. Google NIK Collection add-on for Photoshop CS is Free Now... Great image editing plug-ins and tools
  4. Go to Hawally Disabled sports club on Friday. A lot of Filipino play there on Fridays. they have tournaments and monthly fee is like 3~5 kd just for balls.... Good Place to practice and enjoy.
  5. There is a court in Mangaf, Open Area; opposite to Sultan Center. Its Open, some Filipino guys practice there everyday evening.
  6. The Good Things It was a routine day with a regular issue “I didn’t receive my registered mailâ€. I bought an item and that was shipping via registered mail from Singapore; status is showing that it has reached Kuwait on 10th of March and today was 24-March-2015. During this gap from 10 to 24, I’ve been to Kaifan Central Post Office, Abu Halifa post office, KOC post office Ahmadi and Ahmadi Post office 3 Times. Long story short either I was told to go to my area post office which is Ahmadi or simply “Maa Fi†and waived away. During my 3 visits to Ahmadi post office; I heard it a lot “Maa Fi†and few times that it didn’t came. Luckily one day I was surfing net for any possible help or solution, I came to Ministry of Communication “Postal Sector†Site; on that page is a picture of Asst. Undersecretary and link to the site which is in Arabic and contains some basic info. Site: Randomly I sent a text to Asst. undersecretary Engineer Meiagib Nasser Al-Dossary, and after 45 minutes I got a mobile call from Airport Post office, that guy asked my tracking number and found it in less than two minutes saying that “We received it back from your area Post Office†and you will receive it after 2 days from your own area. I didn’t almost believed that, kind of shock that a mail I’m searching can be found so easily. I got a call from another guy and asked me same details and asked about problems I faced at area Post Office. I told him that they have found it at airport “returnedâ€. I believe all thanks to Mr. Meiagib Nasser Al-Dossary (Asst. Undersecretary). After those two calls, I got a call from him “sorry for delay and in future if I need any postal help I can contact himâ€; that felt very nice. To check that further, I spread the word out of this help and asked my friends (who are also waiting for their registered mail) to contact him and results was again the same. He was helpful and guided them to write person. I believe Mr. Meiagib is kind enough to let anyone contact him for help and solve the issues. It surely can be one of the good things in Kuwait. I hope anyone get help from this incident. Good Day…!
  7. Hi, Anyone has this book? Pawn Shop Advisor Coaching Program (2009) by Stephen Krupnik Hardcopy or PDF?
  8. How Much You can offer... I've one white color.. Everything and Box available... still under waranty 16 GB In cover since day one... protection sheet and rubber cover... (5037-4040)
  9. I want to buy a Galaxy S3 Good Condition in white Color. Please contact 5037-4040
  10. Try This Shop Kuwait 29.320114, 47.940669
  11. I like to start it.. Which place? & Does the coach charge for it?
  12. Hi, Do you know best site to get the sub-titles.. then pls share..
  13. @ Theq8tyGodfather The site you told it download very fast, but after each movie it asks for password.. and ask to go to but it does not give password... How to get it?
  14. go to Its a KGL company & do exactly what you need...
  15. I've a used PC want to sell: CPU-3.0GHz P4, 1GB DDR1 RAM, 128 MB MSI VGA-80GB HDD Seagate. MSI Combo Drive - MODEM - BLACK & SILVER CASE. Price is 40KD