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  1. Hi, everyone.I'm trying to find chemists here that we can discuss work about laboratories and the study behind it..etcIf any Chemist or anyone knows one just lay out the details, many thanks!Sincerely,J
  2. Hey, I personally have been in many Private English schools. Honestly, it's a hassle to resolve issues with the bank. School systems aren't professional and they don't focus on actually teaching the students, what they do is that they just pay you whatever they can. No matter what they tell you, parents are very arrogant. They always blame the teacher for the student's problems, be cautious about coming here. Khaitan is the last place you wanna be, I have never seen any westerner's over there. There have been many criminal activities lately, thiefs, drugs..etc. Trust me, UAE or Qatar would be a good start. This country needs to fix it's problems, but hey it's your path :). If you want to live there, I just hope you don't mind listening to their prayers 5 times a day, including at dawn. It's very loud and I personally seen articles and blogs of foreigners complaining about this. Sincerely, James M. Experience, Fawzia Sultan International School, A.S.K, A.B.S.
  3. We don't care, lol. We already know this country get's it's money from thievery and lies.
  4. This country is very close-minded, they don't know anything about film making. However, they're good at making dramatic series of Kuwaiti families on TV. So far, they base their movies on Drama, Violence just to grab the attention. None of them are really professional, get your passion somewhere out of this country, here they would use you.
  5. Happy Halloween to those in Kuwait, I just came back from a nice Halloween party. I wonder what you guys are dressing up as :D. Enjoy the holidays
  6. Hey there, I'm looking to buy a Spirit Box, which is a device used to communicate to spirits or as such known as EVP's (electronic voice phenomena). If anyone here possibly having any acknowledgements or where to buy this device, please do notify me. I'm mostly looking for a good EVP Spirit Box, but i'm really desperate at this point. I'm not willing to wait weeks or even months for something that, yet to end up either cancelled or refunded, though I would be honored if anyone is familiar with these things, hit me up :). Sincerely, M.O L.V.X 418