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  1. Thanks Mark but they are not available on both the sites. Thinking of directly ordering it from the Fitbit website.
  2. I am looking for the fitbit charge HR band. In alghanim it is out of stock, any ideas where else can I buy it from?
  3. Cool Thanks
  4. Hi, Did anyone check out the new AG Mart near Gulf Road? I have heard they are selling the IPAD 2 for 165 KD, is that true?
  5. Why is the website called "248am"? If someday pubs n clubs are allowed in here...the website guys should start one. I guess will be a hit right away.
  6. Irish, the general discussion is very interesting, the blogs are worth reading.. Ltd_edition...nice nick moving base to Abu dhabi..Is it better than Q8? 7amanit0...I am here exactly for that...N irish has already welcomed me to the "all_intelligent group" . time we can have a debate on why almonds suck...whats with the hatred for the poor fruits?
  7. A lil more than that...Whats with the "el7umdella"...some secret irish welcome code?
  8. Animator seems to be "anti-defiant"...Thats a cool introduction....Should had been more bondish sytle..."the name's animator"...I guess you should put something before the "Animator"
  9. I am into infrastructure management...You guys seem to be old timers here...
  10. Hi, I have been in Kuwait for the past 07 years and its a pleasure to my sore eyes to see this kind of a platform. The moderators and the people behind this site are doing a great job. Hopefully will plan to be on this one as much as I can.