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  1. I had switched to Zain's 4G a couple of years ago. Of late however, their service has been awful. So bad that I'm unable to even visit their own website! Most of the time I get "Err_Connection" or something of that sort. At first, I thought the problem was with my router. Changed that and the problem persisted. Called a cousin that worked at Zain and he reset my profile (whatever that meant) and the connection was fine for 2 days. I'm back to struggling to reach the Google page (yeah, that's how bad it is). Fortunately, I had switched to prepaid a few months back so I'm now considering Ooredoo.
  2. You will have to go to the department in Farwaniya (Dhajeej) ... General Dept. of Criminal Evidence. When you enter Dhajeej from the 55, you'll find a couple of police cars parked along the right side of the road just opposite to the signboard that directs you to Sultan Center. Once there finding your way around is pretty difficult as no one speaks English and making them understand what a PCC is difficult. My wife had gone there to get one for my daughter and was extremely lucky to have met an officer who had the certificate issued in about 30 minutes. Grateful to him as it was already 2pm and none of the secretaries that had to type the certificate was willing to work.
  3. If you plan to take it down, can you please let me know? I've got a similar one from Zain and would like to have the external antennas if you have them and do not mind giving it away. Thanks
  4. I had this 80GB connection and my son swiped it all away with one download!!! Called up Zain and asked them for 5 extra GBs for KD.3/- and told all in the family that they have to control their usage for a week or 2. The next day I'm wondering if Zain made a mistake cause I see a balance of 305GB If only they had upped it a day earlier Happy with Zain always!
  5. We had a similar kind of "visitor" in our home about 3 years ago. T'was about 7am on a Saturday and my son shut the door and went to school. We were in the bedroom. A friend had stayed overnight and had just entered the bathroom when the incident occurred. Whoever it was, walked in grabbed 2 laptops that were lying in the living, picked up the laptop bag that had 2 hard disks and a couple of accessories and a cell phone and made a quiet exit. The friend that stayed over was ready to go for work when he noticed that his laptop bag was missing and informed us. The harris as with all of them had no clue. I immediately went to the Salmiya station from where I was directed to Rumaithiya. Since the time was still 7.30 odd, the cops were still in bed. Some were having their bed coffee and the last thing they wanted was someone waking them up on a cold winters morning. They asked me to go away and come back at 10. At five to 10 I was at the station again where they first started grumbling that I reached before 10. They then accused my son saying that he might have been in need of money and finally they gave me a report and asked to go to Hawally the next day. At Hawally, I first waited from 9am to 1pm with no responsible authority either there or bothered to listen to me. At 1, they someone actually paid attention to the depressed soul and asked that I come a little more early the following day! Back at Hawally at 8am the following day and a nice lady called me into her office and took down all the details, took copies of the receipts I had of the items, took the IMEI number of my phone and gave me another report. She then told me that cops would come down to my place to take finger prints. Come they did ... a little more than a week later ... A huge police van pulled up at my place. I was kind of embarrassed ... what with all the neighbours staring at the lights flashing from the van. Anyway, took the cops home where they pulled out various fancy gadgets and sophisticated cameras. Don't remember right, but probably some kind of ultra violet rays or whatever, but the wall on which the where the cameras pointed turned violet as they flashed and clicked. Long story short, I did not expect the cops to come up with anything and true to my expectation, they went away telling me they found nothing material. Wonder what they expected to find after almost 10 day after a crime ... the door handle was reused by family members, the table that the articles were kept on had to be cleaned a dozen times or more during the course of this period. As in detective movies, even if their was stands of hair left behind, they would have been swept out! The only positive outcome of the whole thing was that we got to see some really fancy equipment and so called "detectives" up close!
  6. Hi, Just to update ... they replaced my phone. Now, that is something I would normally be happy about. What then??? Well, they just put another device in a little plastic bag and gave it Since they claim it to be a new device, I would have expected them to give it to me in a box. It was our driver that picked it up so the following day I went back to question them. My point was: a) Why was it not in a box? If I need to claim warranty again, what document do I produce? c) They did not give me any paper with it so, how do I prove (in case of need) that the phone is not stolen property? Their (Technocare) reply: a) HTC ships unboxed phones to us to avoid custom duties In case I face a problem with the new device, just bring it back and "our system" has the necessary information c) well .... just trust us it is not stolen .... this is how we do it! Well, what do I say??? Anyone with similar or varied experiences? Cheers
  7. I've given it to FCC through a bit of wasta ... they said they will look at it and if it is not a software issue they will replace it. If it is hardware, they say they will have to contact HTC ... isn't that going to take an eternity? I don't mind if they take out the headset and the usb cable out from the new box they give as replacement IF they are replacing it. That way, they get to keep an unused cable and headset and I'm happy they have sorted out my problem I do not see how they could blame it on software cause its all over the net that people are facing similar problems.
  8. Thanks theariezman The warranty is from FCC. Our company driver has a nephew that works as a supervisor at FCC. He told me to bring it over to him directly and he will first see if it can be repaired. If it is beyond repair, he said FCC will replace it. I just hope they do not make an issue of those items that are not in Kuwait. Feeling a lil let down by HTC probably since it was the first (new) phone I bought my son and I had heard pretty good things about it. Thanks once again for giving me hope that lil things may be ignored by the warranty provider
  9. Hi got a HTC One for my son about 3 weeks back. The same day, we got an update ... failed on first attempt, but after deleting the partially downloaded update, I updated it again and this time got through. My son took the phone with him to India after a 4 day stay in Kuwait, used it for 2 days and then he tried taking a photo and the phone rebooted. Tried to take a photo again and the phone rebooted again, but this time it came up with a partially white and partially black screen and a constant buzz. A while later, the phone shut down and then refused to charge. Put it back into its box and a day later, it started charging. He switched it on ... it booted and once it reached the home screen, it just froze for about 20 odd seconds and then rebooted ... this time again to partial white and partial black screen with a buzz. He just sent it back to me today through a friend and while I did not believe him when he told me the story over the phone, I experienced this when I tried. Searched the net and apparently there seems to lots and lots of people experiencing the same problem in almost the same degree. Type "htc one not charging -X" into google and seen plenty of results with similar trouble. I picked up the phone from Zain. Do you think they will give me a new piece or let me take an S4 instead? Problem is that when he sent it back, he did not send back the headphone and the USB cable. Thanks for any assistance
  10. I have been using the ownhere version for sometime (probably a year or so) and I understand that it is basically the unlocked version of Google Maps. I must say it is really good has almost every new update ... showed me even those new roads being build across Mahboula. Recently I had to go to Alia International Hospital in Mahboula and took me with no problem using that new road that is still in the works. Am glad that the Middle East is now unlocked and I don't have to rely on updates to ownhere.
  11. Travelers Cheques are good as they can be converted immediately and and in a number of places ... even at non banking places. KFH however is a bank and the rate is likely to disadvantageous. I think there are some exchange places that issue travelers cheques, not sure which ones. A couple of years back, I had received a draft payable at Bank of Bahrain & Kuwait ... had no account there, but when I went there, they just paid me cash. Maybe you should check with the exchange if a draft is issued payable at a particular bank, maybe you could get cash without an account.
  12. First of all Eid Mubarak guys Secondly ... Thanks avp216, I went to a Mada outlet yesterday and yeah, they said that I could use it straight of ... no complications! I did check out Viva's router and as pointed out by Rehab, that Mini router thing is terrible. Just one other thing before go ahead and finalise ... Zain, Wataniya and Viva offer speeds of 21.6Mbps vs 10Mbps offered by Mada. So this 21.6 offered by comm guys ... are they all rubbish? Thanks again
  13. Thanks guys for all the input. Am now worried about going the VIVA route unless like Rommel says I can get a wired router with wifi for the same price. I did ask them though and they insisted that it was only the mini router. Maybe I'll check out some other outlet. Will also check out MADA ... heard that they will first come and check if they can install some kind of device. The problem is that our Harris does not allow anyone to place anything on the terrace and I live on the 1st floor so I presume placing it in my balcony would have to be ruled out! In the meantime, I checked out Zain and were told that they'd give me a wired router for KD.5/- if I take their 30GB plan with a 6 month commitment. I'm currently using their line for my mobile and am tethering it so as to get wifi on my laptop. Speed is pretty decent ... far better than the 2bytes per second I used to get from my KEMS connection I had earlier Got about a week to research and get the ball rolling so ... will see Thanks again!
  14. Hi, I am new to tech stuff such as these, so please bear with me I'm planning to take a Viva internet connection (21.6 Mbps - monthly KD.20/-) and they told me that they will give me a mini wifi router with it. Not sure if I'm thinking right, but what I understood is that this device does not have a Lan (cable) port for me to plug in an internet cable. I need one as I've got a device similar to the WDTV that allows only an internet cable to be put in. As a solution, I was thinking maybe I could just use this device and then bridge (or whatever the term is called) or do something so that the signal is picked up by my other router (either zhone from KEMS or Linksys WRT54GC). Both these devices have the necessary port to plug in a cable. So, I get the signal into one of them and then plug the cable from the non-viva router into my video device. Is that possible? If yes, how? Can someone also confirm the Viva mini wifi router has no cable out port? One last thing ... how is the viva connection in Salmiya? Thanks for any input
  15. Thanks Ahmed, will call them tomorrow Am glad the problem is not with my line or with my router!