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  1. are you streaming in-house or online?
  2. As lame as I sound, I know a guy that does that, he did my friend's home theatre and sound proofed the studio I am working in atm. he does it all from seating to speakers, I remember him getting carried away about his speakers trying to explain how they work to me. let me know if your options fail, I'll grab his contact info and pass it over.
  3. shatter my dreams! I already have an ac router and a 20 mb fiber plan, combined with a 4g data plan, I thought it would be enough for streaming games... seems like the 3ds would be a considerable alternative since I enjoy nintendo more. thanks for the brief.
  4. Anyone tried the new shield tablet? I've been thinking of getting one mainly to pass time and stream games, since I spend most of my day away from home.
  5. wow man! that's a lot! whats your car make?
  6. yeah ehsan dana, I did my steering wheel for 35 KD, they provided the leather so I think it's a fair price. I also ended up installing a new carpet and floor base with them which was a whooping 250 KD, that is a lot especially when you can have the same job for half the price.
  7. you can only import cars that are either 5 years old or less, and 30 years old or more a special permit is I guess for cars in the middle.
  8. car make?
  9. did you try sultan and ace?
  10. Try Unix in hawally, it was either in walaa complex on bin khaldoun street, or a complex near, just ask most of the stores know it, they close on Friday. It could be the case as I had the same issue with a well drive once, try getting it internally on a project or just hit Unix.
  11. SSD ... gt-bk.html
  12. Thermal paste is nothing, do it yourself man. I usually stand against such shops since I know its a ripoff but the guy isn't ripping that much. his GTX 680 build comes with 32 GB RAM and its priced at 599 KD,I've calculated the total amount and it stand 20~40 KD less then what he's asking for which is kind of fair considering he is putting everything together. I know my Titan + 16 Gb RAM build costed me somewhat the same price, but I didn't add a SSD and my case a mid tower.
  13. its not there
  14. People I have a problem! recently I upgraded to a SSD for my operating system, once I installed it and got everything up and running, one of my hdd's disappeared, its a 2TB Seagate Barracuda, its not detected by the BIOS either. strange thing is it seems to be working fine, I can feel the vibration from spining, and there is no clicking sounds or any indication of broken head or disks, besides it was never touched or removed from its bay since day of installation which is merely a month and a half ago, I tried on another mobo, tryed the SATA2USB adapter with no luck. finally I took my friends 2TB to switch the base boards (the one where the SATA controller is plugged to), BUT my friends hdd had a similiar problem where it would just disconnect during use and disappear to reapear later all by itself, I tried his on my mobo it showed up in the bios, so I switched the boards tried mine back again, no luck. tl;dr can I switch the base board of a 2TB with a board of a 1TB?