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  1. Guys, is it safe to order from the US? I obly want a couple of milk man's..
  2. It seems you dodged the questions about what a 1st world country really is. And to answer your question to WHY I went to the US to study EE&CS, I had a low GPA in high-school, 2.7 which will never let me enter KU, not to mention I wanted to actually go there myself instead of staying here for the responsibilities that I was too young to handle. I see you brought-up the states again, I suggest you open the news from time to time and actually see how many women get raped and murdered with the murderer walking away with it because he's either rich or can afford a great lawyer. If you truly think that the US is a safe place filled with unicorns and rainbows, you are truly deranged beyond repair. Guess what buddy, that place is filled with poorly educated, incompetent people. Not to mention the racism that is in there. If you were an Arab or an Indian or whatever the hell you are, you're most definitely screwed when it comes to racism in the US. Furthermore, I love how you completely disregard Kuwait and Kuwaitis and simply say, "Peace out, this is not about Kuwait". Talking to you is slowly killing my brain-cells. I had a better time explaining C++ to oblivious Bedouins then conversing with you. I'll tell you this, you proved what I was speculating all along, take a guess and tell me what it is.
  3. Do you even know what a first world country even is? I'm guessing you'll reply with the following: "Yes, good roads, buildings nice people, education and useless rambles about everything else including laws and politics". I suggest you do a quick research on how that term was first coined. Rape cases? Have you any idea on how many girls get raped in the western world or other parts of the globe for that matter? Do you think other countries INCLUDING YOUR BELOVED UK lacks crime? Wake up you sad imbecile. Drugs, DUI, rape, murder and more is rampant in the UK and the US. You know nothing, you speak nothing but useless meaningless words that show's how knowledgeable you truly are. You want more holidays? How lazy are you? Do you expect to get paid and do nothing all day? The pathetic "fruit" of your words is Kuwaiti women are free as long as they are in a burqa. Are you sure you're talking about Kuwait, love? Guess what, I lived in the US for two years studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science thanks to KUWAIT in one of the HIGHEST ranking schools in my state. That alone deserves acknowledgement and commendable respect, no other country but our neighboring GCC countries offers such an opportunity. I get sent 2600$ which is much more than what most Americans even make (google it) just to study. You think your beloved UK/US offers something similar? Good luck with that. Not even your high GPA can assure you a Full time scholarship in normal schools let alone Ivy League schools. Do not get me started with tax and utilities and infrastructure. It is absolute shit country wide in the US. But then again, it is crystal clear what kind of person you are.
  4. T-Mobile phones are already unlocked. Especially if they were iPhones.
  5. I'm personally waiting for the Blackberry Passport.
  6. USA, always have and always will.
  7. Actually, I've had no trouble with KFH so no need to to assume I am a customer of that bank either, for I am not a naive person who won't research before opening a bank account. We both know they will overcharge you through the roof. As of now, I only have three cards, NBK Shabab, NBK Blue and Bank of America Platinum. Of course, of the said three, BoA charges the most but at the same time, it's the least bank that robs you in the US. I've never seen any trouble from NBK, BoA but I did witness trouble from KFH. All of my family members use NBK and keep in mind, they've had a lot more experience than I, and many of them took loans from many banks and the bank that gives you the least bit of trouble is NBK from their experience. Car loans included, FYI. But in the end of the day, everyone has his or her own preference, and mine is NBK as KFH is to you.
  8. Kuwait's Bands of Thieves bank? Yeah. Enjoy the way they rob you blind and call it "Morabaha" instead of interest. What makes me giggle even more is, people only fall for that scam because it's been using our religion to gain market shares and most people are idiots when it comes to this.
  9. Well, most likely it's a VIP branch. You cannot waltz in a VIP branch and expect VIP treatment if you are not a VIP.
  10. has been bought by the Taw9eel team or whatever. (A fork of Digumz), is still owned by the same owner.
  11. ...Never ran into poor service, hell, I told them I had a flight to catch in three hours and I've been waiting for an hour and a half here. She immediately rushed me to the teller and deposited my money.
  12. I'm being treated as a king in NBK, same goes with my family members too. This is the first time I've heard that people had troubles with NBK.
  13. It also depends on which area you park your car. You can't park it in a shady place and expect it to be okay.. When you park it in a local park and poorly lit area with valuables inside, you are begging for trouble.
  14. Nope, GulfNet is the worst Internet provider in Kuwait. I suggest checking with KEMS, fast, cheap and stable too.
  15. Ymaimoon, I recently bought the Lumix GF6. It is one of the best m4/3 camera's I've used and I got it for one hell of a price too. I also used the A600 but sadly it was out of stock and double the price of the GF6 in the market i've been to.