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  1. Hang in there, you're almost free I've got nothing against Kuwait as a country and I've got some really nice Kuwaiti friends but in my long experience here, I've realized it comes down to the HR policies of most organizations. There is a HUGE disparity in wages among professionals based on their nationality but that's something you have to learn to accept if you want to work in Kuwait. I was once contacted by a UK based journalist (who saw a certain blog post I wrote a few years ago) to help him conduct interviews and do some surveys for a publication there but since I was already on my way out of Kuwait I didn't have the time or resources.
  2. Here's something from DC. Now that I'm looking at it again it might seem a tad over saturated.
  3. You can see the full set [here]
  4. A happy ending *Get your mind outta the gutter* So last month I moved to the US and while making a list of things to buy I remembered that I never got down to re-ordering a Ridge wallet. So before I ordered again I thought I'd mail the company to find out if I could buy the same model again for the same price I ordered it a year ago. I got a response from Daniel Kane himself and he gave me a generous discount! I've just placed my order now and finally after more than a year I can finally own one. Cheers!
  5. I need to ship some personal items to Milwaukee, stuff like winter clothes, some book, photo albums and a few kitchen items. I would need the stuff to be stored either in Kuwait or Milwaukee till I can give an address for delivery. Hows the service from TransCrate Logistics? Anyone here dealt with them before? Could you recommend other similar companies? ps. Also, where I can get packing peanuts and strong cardboard boxes? Thank you.
  6. I wouldn't call marriage a roller coaster but yes there can be tension between two different individuals from time to time but the most important thing is to resolve your differences before you go to bed. "Never go to bed angry" This was one of the tips given during our 'mandatory' pre-marital counselling. I must say its a pretty good piece of advice.
  7. Ok, forget that. I found out that a friend of mine has a similar problem with his feet (pronation) and he finds Asics Kayano 21 to be comfortable so I bought the same from Decathlon.
  8. The soles on my four year old Vibrams have finally worn out and I'd gone to Sirhan Shoes to buy a replacement. They informed me they've stopped selling Vibrams and even the one in Jabriya co-op doesn't stock them anymore. Where else can I find flat bottom shoes (like wrestler's shoes) or five toed shoes in Kuwait? ps. Don't recommend other sport shoes coz I have flat feet and wearing normal shoes is very painful on the arches of my feet.
  9. I think one of my old Olympus cameras had this battery. You can find these in the camera shops in Kuwait city or check RTC electronics in Hawally and the shops in the basement next to it. They stock most types of batteries.
  10. With Jormand, they took my credit card details through the website and then they blocked the amount. While checking out they swiped it and completed the payment after adding whatever extra charges were there like room service etc.
  11. I've used to book twice at Jormand apartment hotel in Dubai and once to book at a resort in India. The site is similar to or the countless other sites out there. Haven't had any issues so far.
  12. We live in a fantasy world, a world of illusion. The great task in life is to find reality. Iris Murdoch Thank you for your honest feedback, as always, old chap