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  1. Well, for starters, it looks nice!
  2. The new developer version of Opera has a built-in VPN, that can simulate your presence as either in US, Canada or Germany
  3. I can understand maids making such a claim, but this is the first time I am hearing of professionals being not able to move around freely.
  4. Their B&W plug-in is awesome.
  5. I have the exact same sticker on my S7 Edge that I picked from Xcite.
  6. This guy conducts 'Spoken Arabic' courses that are pretty effective to get basic stuff done.
  7. QualityNet is relevant now only for those who have access to Fiber optic. I cancelled my subscription after suffering for years trying to get anything above 1Mbps.
  8. I am locked into a 2-year 18 kd/month with 300GB per month contract with VIVA. However, when they started their 1TB plan, I found they had automatically upgraded me into the new plan. Never going back to landline again.
  9. I don't think so. Watched it on first day. I felt I have not missed anything. There is one scene where his wife is shown floating above him (and probably kissing him). This was cut. The rest of the movie is all pure violence - which is perfectly acceptable in Kuwait.
  10. Currently watching Daredevil. Pretty good. The ability to watch something on the go - means that I will be subscribing to it.
  11. Yes. They open the packages based on their discretion. Probably based on what they see in the scanner.
  12. I am sure it's a coincidence. But I got this marketing email just today.
  13. Everything takes on a different perspective, when viewed from 300 meters high.
  14. Birds-eye view. Kuwait-Birds eye view by Cajetan Barretto, on Flickr​
  15. I guess you will have to wait till some P3 owner crashes his drone, and then looks around to see if he can get rid of the controller and the charger. While on the topic, being a P3 owner myself, what happened to yours?