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  1. Hey Folks, My friends and I were planning a trip to Dubai but unfortunately our Palestinian friend got his visa application rejected by the uae gcc online portal. He is a computer engineer and has a valid residence but his passport is a travel document issued by Egypt. Anyways, that really sucked for all of us and we refuse to travel without him.. so.. Any of you guys and gals know Palestinians who travel? Which places to and what is the visa procedure. Thanks in advance. Cheers.
  2. Was just wondering but if you don't put protection in the front, does this not then defeat the purpose of the putting tint on the sides and the back as heat would then come thro the front? I passed by most shops yest and most keep saying that the cops will not bust my chops for tinting 10 - 30% including the 10% on the front. Thought it was ironic though, that there was a tint shop outside Golden Sun Car passing place! Better to get the tint there and then if they dont pass the car, blame the shop outside!
  3. You can try out And KFH has leasing as well. Cheers.
  4. So , isn't it cheaper to order directly from the US? Maybe Mark should do a writeup on how to easily import cars from the US and tip and tricks on how to claim warranty / service etc.
  5. Why are Mustangs priced so high in Kuwait. I passed by the other day and i saw a 2014 GT for 15,999Kd. I mean what the heck? The Mustang is supposed to be affordable? Wonder if Ford USA knows about this. The new one is stunning. Would love to buy one.. but em prices are prohibitive.
  6. I see a lot of chargers on the roads these days. Was wondering what the reviews are on the car in the ME. How is the AC cooling?
  7. Appreciate the feedback. Thanks Burhan.
  8. Hey Burhan Can you do a comparison between the n920 n nexus4? I've been using the n4 for a few days and still don't get the whole android experience. Might jump on the wp8 platform. Thanks
  9. What color did you get? What are the pro's and cons?
  10. Actually i was thinking about the gmail app. The imap option will not suport push. Anyways, not a big deal but annoying just like the current lack of whatsapp and skype.
  11. Until yesterday, i thought i might go out and buy one but yesterdays news from google seems ominous. They do not intend to invest in creating windows 8 apps and they are now dropping support for Microsoft exchange ActiveSync protocol.
  12. Any update on the availability of the 920?
  13. Can anyone help me find the location of the test center at Hawally. This is the info i have Test Center Name: Magd Alandalous Private Training Institute Test Center Address Kuwait,Hawalli,Sharhabeel St., HAWALLI 12112 Thanks.
  14. Mazda6 fan here.. i love the car.. drives great.. very reliable.. however the service in Kuwait is not great and spares are very expensive.. But the car is awesome..
  15. It looks like that in Kuwait we will be limited to a maximum 3G speed of 42.2mbps (DC-HSDPA) with the new iPad. Besides Viva, does either Zain or Viva support 42.2Mbps. What kind of data connection are you guys looking at?