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  1. Which mobile operators offer prepaid internet service?
  2. If the customs inspector decides that the quantity you have is too big for personal use (quantity that will seem to be for commercial sale) then you can either be a customs fee by providing the invoices for all the products you have or they simply take it away from you If the quantity looks reasonable to be for personal use then you should have no problems This is all up to the discretion of the customs inspector, do not try to argue or push too hard
  3. I'm looking for a VHS player in "working" condition The smaller it is in size the better
  4. I've been using Qualitynet for the past 5 years and the connections has been great, I'm on Fiber subscribed to their 8mb package. You cannot blame your ISP for bad and outdated wiring in your area
  5. Well there's an old saying You pay peanuts, you get monkeys
  6. Looking for a new or used HP docking station to use with HP ProBook The part number is "VB043AA"
  7. Got an iPad 3, 16 GB, Wi-Fi only
  8. Fuck everything about Electrozan Their after-sales service is terrible
  9. Hey, I tweeted your problem to blink's twitter account ... 8342941696 hopefully someone will help you out!
  10. Try wing street from pizza hut
  11. I travel internationally almost every 2 months, I have a SIM card from almost every country I visited that I charge and add mobile data to, it helped me save a fortune from roaming charges plus I end up with descent internet connection rather than relying on spotty public Wi-Fi
  12. Posting personal information online is never a good idea
  13. Nokia E71, black, very good condition PM me if interested
  14. Anyone knows a good place to buy a tower server cabinet with fans? I did a quick google search and only got some very outdated websites and other suppliers from China... Thanks!
  15. Hey guys, I'm looking for a company that specializes in design services for corporate branding. I need logo + stationary design Please advise on local companies that offers these services No freelancers please Thanks