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  1. Sorry guys, I knew I shouldn't have tried those beans.
  2. A small business is a great idea! But it really must be something you are personally interested in. Otherwise you'll quickly get demotivated and start making deadends of every problem you run into. Internet applications are the easiest businesses to get into. But that also means that every Tom, Dick and Harry's already got a foot in it. Part time jobs really wouldn't bring you enough money, unless you're a specialist in your field. And don't listen to banjo and open an apps development company anywhere in the GCC. You'll soon want to strangle your clients. Which is not good for business.
  3. I was gonna say kudos to her for being a good sport and not throwing a hissy fit over the matter.
  4. Well, I've never had to go to the hospital for myself, but I've generally hated the clinics. You start describing your condition, and they'll have a prescription ready halfway through it, which are mostly antibiotics. For everything! But the healthcare provisions by the government are better than most places. It's usually the doctors at clinics that are pieces of shit. The hospitals are much better from what I've heard. One of my friend was admitted for dialysis recently. All his medication and treatment was free or bearing little cost. By far, his largest personal expense was for the dialysis water. Healthcare in Kuwait is heavily subsidized.
  5. I had an older friend who had lived in Kuwait for over 30 years. When he died, his daughter (who was born in Kuwait, but moved out after she married) couldn't come to his funeral because they'd banned visas for her nationality. To be fair, a lot of good people at immigration, including some top management guys tried to help out after they explained the situation, but they couldn't override the ban to get her a visa. So don't expect any sympathy from this government for kids and family of expats. They make and break laws like deciding which socks to put on today.
  6. They're building an underwater theater off the coast of Salmiya. They'll be playing a marathon of the Twilight Trilogy when it's released. You're not allowed any breathing apparatus down there though. Real Twilight fans don't need tickets, it's for the betterment of humanity.
  7. Firearms are seriously overkill for something like this. You'll be opening up a whole can of arms allowing private security firearm permits. I think the issue with young people in Kuwait is the lack of outlets to express themselves. They simply don't have enough outlets for entertainment, and find their own crude ways to entertain themselves.
  8. Wow... that is fucked up!
  9. Haha, that's hilarious!
  11. Huge Android fan here, but 4S's Siri and HD Cam look sweeet! And RAZR looks nothing like what I was expecting a RAZR to look like. Disappointing! Motorolla's RAZR was popular because it looked massively cool. Droid RAZR looks like any Samsung touch screen. ... nches.html
  12. You might want to figure out why your circuit didn't trip after your AC short circuited. And NEVER EVER POUR WATER ON AN ELECTRIC FIRE. That was incredibly stupid! You could've easily ended up electrocuting yourself. Good to hear you're doing fine, the furniture can be replaced. The best preparedness comes from better understanding of how to react to such threats rather than throwing in more safety equipment.
  13. It's only a peek at the technology, it's not even a beta feature yet. So don't expect any details for a while.
  14. Budget?