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  1. check: - Decathlon - LillyWhites - Xtreme Sports you will find a bunch of
  2. Part Time Vacancy Promotor Product: Watches booth Location: The Gate Mall Required: 1 Sales Rep/Promotor Gender: Female Working hours: 6-8 Hours per day Day off: Once a week Duration: One month From: 20 June To: 20 July Package: 300 KD + Commission (to be discussed) Send CV to: ramez@primeretail.net
  3. Any watches collectors here at the forum? lets discus watches here
  4. you will never get an exact answer, because they change the laws and rules here every couple of hours BUT basically if the license has the GCC logo/title on it, so you will convert it easily
  5. they moved temporary and combined with Jabriya polyclinic.
  6. do u work for the army? or supplying secret stuff for the gov? if Yes so maybe they have the rights to do so
  7. As I mentioned to Mark, they are all outdoor plants, I cant leave any water in an open pot they will vanish in a couple of hours during the summer
  8. they are all outdoor
  9. I am travelling for 2 weeks, i have lots of plants. Any ideas where I can find self watering solutions, dispensers, watering spikes?
  10. I am not sure of what you said. Also, what stock/inventory are you talking about? Souq has no stores or products. they are just a joint between you and the seller, and they get their commission from the sellers.
  11. I purchased one if these USB flash memory for iPhone backup & storage. the brand was supposed to be "I-Flash" as described by the seller. couple of days and the item arrived home, the item was an after-market rubbish quality device. I though it will work fine anyways. I connected it to the iPhone, and installed the application "suggested at the package". The app is not secured to be used, not available on app store and wont work at all. I tried to get 3rd party apps and that didnt work too. I called souq.com call center, they said they will send me someone to pick the item from me, then within 3-5 business days the amount will be refunded to my souq account to be used again, or I can transfer it to my bank account, and that would take another 3-5 business days. I was mad at this, but as long as that was their written policy, so I let it go. 3 days later, nobody came to pick up the item, I called them again, the return request wasnt done by the agent. and they had to do the request from the beginning, I tried to talk to any super visor or a manager and that was IMPOSSIBLE as all of the customer service agents always ready with some well known answers: - no managers here now - I cant transfer the call - they came and left anyways after like 2 hours of nagging a manager decided to call me, he said he will send the guy to pick up the item today "Thursday" and I wanted to make sure if he was lying or saying the truth. I called Q express, the company that deals with them. they didnt get that request at all. and till today, nothing is picked up, and that seller is still selling his rubbish on their website.
  12. I found those shops at Zeena street, Shuwaikh.
  13. Seriously?
  14. hello I tried getting zippo lighters before. but actually they called me from Aramex office here telling me that these items are flammable and wont be able to ship them. but when I informed them that these lighters are empty from any flammable liquids, they shipped them to me with no issues. Good luck