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  1. if you're willing to downscale to a game of ping pong... hit me up. i'm pretty gooood.
  2. I'm moving back to Kuwait towards the end of the year from the US and I have a 3 month old mini-poodle. I have no idea what Kuwait is like with bringing in pets, I'll be flying with Kuwait Airways from JFK. I'm hoping to be able to register Floyd (my pup) as a service dog, in hopes that it'd be easier to travel with him (except would Kuwait Airlines consider 'service' dogs a real thing? lol). thanks!
  3. Thai is my favorite cuisine and.. the most authentic Thai food in Kuwait is located in muthana mall (main entrance of the restaurant is from the outside) it's a very small (seats a maximum of 10 maybe?) sketchy looking restaurant with an even smaller kitchen, it's run by an old angry Thai couple with their daughter and baby grandson that's usually crawling around the restaunt. it's really cheap and the portions are huge, and most importantly it is real Thai food. I don't even think it has a name and if it does it's probably "Thai restaurant" I really think they deserve a blog post on here
  4. hows your fish doing?
  5. i love that stuff! i got mine from a tiny Philippino market in the murgab lol.
  6. lol I believe it will be post-abused too Anyways I've ordered one, I will give a feedback once its here, but if I don't, you know sorry - i forgot to mention i'm kuwaiti LOL and airport security in kuwait.. well, you know. so if you're not kuwaiti, give me your future cell number, i'll mail you some goodies. hahaha jk. GL
  7. lol - i brought back a 13" grenade piece with me that has been previously abused (not with tobacco) without any issues.
  8. hiyaaa where do you guys do your sport clothing shopping? the usual stores (athlete's foot, go sport) are kind of pricey considering i need to heavy shop. i need lots of t's and shorts. cheerrrrs
  9. hahahaha what kind of office are you working at? isn't it at work where men usually hand pick their future wives in Kuwait?
  10. A friend of mine is required to take ballet classes at uni and she can't find ANY ballet stores in Kuwait to get the ballet suit(?).. any suggestions? ..lol
  11. they seem to be sold out in alghanim, anyone know where I can find these, besides online?
  12. how old are you? and how long have you been living in Kuwait? maybe you just need to spend some time at home..
  13. I don't come across any, I wonder why you do though lol
  14. What do you consider an "American" accent? because I see an average American accent as a plain- well pronounced - dull - dialect.. Unless we're speaking about people with a heavy Alabayyyma, Teeeexas, CALAFORNYAAAH accent .. etc. I went to a brit school in kuwait my whole life, I never spoke with an English accent, because that would have sounded awkward and fake. I spoke with a normal, plain dialect.. and when I moved to the states for uni, I went to Indiana, and people thought I was "American" because of my accent. err, no. My parents paid enough money for my English education to make sure English would be my second language. So I wouldnt sbeak like thiz.
  15. I wasn't trying to be mean... I'm sorry. kaaak girls here aren't mean!! unless they go to KU's Business Administration college.. heard its a Mean Girl fest there. i'm not mean.