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  1. Check pm
  2. Got Tekken 6 and Final Fantasy 13 if you're interested pm me.
  3. looking for a PC Gaming Controller.
  4. USB Connector for XBOX 360 Controller? any one got one?
  5. I only have Final Fantasy 13 and Tekken 6. I sold my other games since I wanted to go for a PS3
  6. Nope, It's not. Why would you like to JTAG it? It will get you banned on XBL
  7. Title says it all. Wanna trade my 360 to your PS3.
  8. Hey guys, I'll be hitting the gym for the first time this month. I want to use Weight Gainer since I'm a skinny guy and a hard gainer. I know supplements, protein shakes, and weight gainers are VERY expensive here in Kuwait, so I was wondering maybe you guys know a certain shop that sells the cheapest among all the shops here Reccomend some!
  9. I have final Fantasy XIII and Tekken 6.
  10. Hey I tried Qadsia and the one in Khaitan. They said they don't accept people who were not born here. You guys know a place? Wanted to try for a basketball team/camp but they dont accept people like me ))
  11. Haha I don't need that I'm talking about things that would work on the current systems today. =]
  12. Hey! If you have some PC parts you don't need can I have it? Anything from RAM,PSU,MoBo,Graphics Card,Processors,Fans and even Cases ) Thanks =]
  13. Does any one have one for sale? I'd buy it off you at a reasonable price :>
  14. Hey chef, Thanks for the info. But may I know where is the exact place of Ashraf in Ardiya? Like where is it near?
  15. Do u guys have any PC stufff u might wanna sell?