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  1. Anyone wants to post their Steam username? I want to add everyone here and game for better latency like co-op games? I usually play RPG games or dungeon crawlers like Torchlight 2 which is FUN! Maybe Path of Exile? Plenty of games! Username: darthibrahim <-- if that doesnt work search for 'The Sperm' Thanks!
  2. Hey, So I've go this Alienware for a year now.. recently CPU maxed out like 100% for no reason. Formatted and did fresh Windows install. SAME THING. I ran the Alien ware diagnostic utility and it shows the my CPU Thermistor is high, high above 90c... How do I fix that? Or where is the Alienware workshop? Thanks!
  3. Anyone has an electric guitar for sale? Lowest price if possible!
  4. Is this available in the HTC One X ?
  5. Where can I find them in Kuwait? Or I'll have to order? Thanks.
  6. I just listed them, need to find them here!
  7. So where can I find these in Kuwait? I mean dealers.. Also which one is the best? Need it for gaming and music. 5.1 surround.. etc! Thanks AKG Audio Technica Beyerdynamic Denon Grado Sennheiser Shure Stax Ultrasone
  8. Thanks a lot buddy!!
  9. Anyone know this movie/show whatever it is cos it seriously made my day.. LOL
  10. Man, why are you playing in US Servers? Im In EU and my latency is 109-200 which is pretty good.. Using Kems
  11. I'm in since 3rd day of early access. Got the game from offgamers! Already have a lvl 50 Sith Jugg and few lvl 20-30 alts.. EU server: The Ravagar
  12. A must see for star wars fans!!
  13. So that means I can download torrents? Cos it used to be blocked..
  14. new norton
  15. lmfao