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  1. Are you looking for a project that is unique... Do you have skills in e-commerce with knowledge in vlogging. We are two Co-founders looking for a 3rd member to share expertise and a journey that can lead to the global market. What are you waiting for. You could be the partner we are looking for. Send us an email on or and we will be glad to share more information.
  2. ACK in actual facts is one of the best colleges when you compare it to others in Kuwait. They provide international degrees once you graduate, the only thing is you have to earn it. The reason for negative feedback is a lot of students find it difficult and give up easily. ACK is interesting as there is a diversity of cultures who attend the college and you get to experience studies as if you are in actually working. When I did my diploma at ACK and graduated then I took on a part time job as an operations manager and there were no surprises in store for me. Furthermore, I took on the challenge of completing my bachelors at ACK in 2 years to finally obtain my degree from UTAS. Keep in mind that with this degree I can go to any country and it will be accepted after attestation. I dropped out from GUST after 1 semester while my brother carried on and the degree is a piece of paper which works well in the GCC. It depends on what you looking for and what you plan to do in the future.
  3. I want to meet some interesting people in Kuwait.

  4. There are locals Where? Nothing to loose and I can learn about how to deal with Russian women.
  5. I was expecting comments like I am crazy but I must thank everyone. bango Thank you for the in-depth explanation and I will do what you said. I am 22 years old so I still have time. TonyZain I will do it for the ones who couldn't. I don't know why but it has been something I wanted to do ever since I was young. avp216 and Salue many thanks and I will keep all you guys posted. Russian women seem to be the interests of many men but how come only a few follow their dreams? Well I am going to make this a reality for me
  6. Ok now this is difficult to post and most probably whoever reads this is laughing and I made their day Anywayz, ever since I was 19 years old I have dreamt of going to Russia to find a wife. What do you think? Should I get one?
  7. I am looking for a Samsung Note 2 grey. Anyone selling?
  8. Acually I bought one for travelling purposes. I know the mac air would be a better option but I didn't want to end up carrying an external reader
  9. Check this on
  10. I am looking to buy a new MacBook Pro. 1) I wanted to understand what is the difference between MD101LL/A vs MD101ZP/A? 2) Also which of the MacBook Pro would you recommend? Memory is an important issue as well as having a great processor more then anything else. Please help. Thank you in Advance
  11. I have a Crowne Plaza gym membership that I am willing to transfer. And I will contact you today.
  12. I sent my CV to the emails mentioned above but didn't get a reply I am interested in the Restaurant manager position or Operations Manager.
  13. Find some on the Marina Mall bridge at the end closer to the mall. There is a small section there where they sell this for 5KD if I remember correctly.
  14. After some research and playing around on twitter I found this helpful for you. They are looking for highly motivated individuals who want part-time jobs with flexible hours. For more information and to submit your details go to: Hope you enjoy yourself and I wish I was younger to take part in this
  15. Well after my brothers accident back in January, he has decided to look for a new car. He wants a Crown Victoria and I was wondering if anyone here has one up for sale? Model isn't really a problem as long as its clean and hasn't been in an accident.