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  1. Yup you are right. If metal, you will have to take it to preferably Sheet-metal work / Body work guys.
  2. They seem to have got some good stuff. Looks like a good shop. Thanks Mark!
  3. Guys what's ORP?
  4. Yes you can. Happens all the time in Kuwait. Visit any USED car showroom (like Alsayer Used in Ardiya) and any good & kind salesman will tell you the details. They know such stuff. Or just visit Commercial Facilities in Riggae. They do it all the time.
  5. Oh OK. I thought it was the Oil Pan issue, which is also quite common. I think with this plastic Undercover problem, it should be an easier fix. These plastics are mostly flimsy stuff but Makrata won't be needed. It should be solved with Self-Tapping Screws (the ones with bigger thread and pin point ends) else a Nut & Bolt Combination to ensure they are secure. Get any Mech to have a good look at it. There are no specialist's for this one Cheers mate!
  6. I don't think you will be able to rethread the screws (Bolts). If it's a oil leak you are trying to fix because of bolt issues, chances are you will need to TAP a new THREAD into the Engine Block (bottom) and then use matching NEW BOLTS to obtain the perfect sealing. Your best option is to inquire/look on Canada Dry street for any expert MAK-RA-TA (Machine Shop with Lathe) who does Tapping jobs. It's not a quick fix job though and an expert should take his time on it. You may even have to remove the Oil pan. Tip: If you are doing the job outside of the dealership and the Oil pan has to be removed, ask the Mech to use the best possible FIPG (Form In Place Gasket) it's the sealant that is used between the Engine Block & Oil Pan. Best would be to buy the Oil Pan FIPG from the dealership of your car brand. If it's a Toyota, I think they source the Genuine FIPG from Japan or Thailand. It's a good one! It's the combination of good tight bolts and a good gasket that ensures best SEALING even at very high oil pressure and temperatures.
  7. Try Dent Xpress. They are really very good. Google them or.... http://www.dentxpress.com/ http://248am.com/mark/kuwait/in-focus-dent-xpress/
  8. @jt787 - May I suggest you to also take a look at the Mitsubishi EVO X (10) and the Subaru Impreza WRX STi before you decide on the FT86. These two very good cars are also in the 10,000 KD range. No doubt, the FT86 is a good car, but at 10,000 KD you must get atleast a Turbo Engine. At 9K & 10K, the FT86 is overpriced in Kuwait. When I drove the FT86, it just felt like an average car very cleverly packaged & marketed as a sports car. I personally don't think FT86 is a serious sports car. The EVO X & Impreza WRX STi are very serious cars & already have Turbo Engines & 300 bhp under the hood in stock condition. I think if it was me, I would put my money on the EVO X.
  9. Looking for local reviews & suggestions on buying a good 3D HDTV. I am on a look out for a 46 to 50 Inch 3D HDTV. Budget 400 to 450 KD. LED Prefered; open to Plasma With the Smart TV invasion going on - I am sure some of you must have broken their heads over buying a good 3D HDTV. Not really interested in Smart tv apps & stuff. Just need an all out good 3D TV with good picture quality. Bit confused between Active & Passive 3D Tech Glasses. Salesman & Reviews swear by both but I could not spot the hidden difference. Any suggestions, reviews & experience?
  10. I am looking for a cheaper segway alternative ... something available in Kuwait. Segway stuff is very good but also very expensive, so I wont bother to know the dealer in Kuwait. I need it for personal transportation to move between large warehouses to save time & energy. Any suggestions ? Someting in a 100/200 KD budget... prefer Electric, green... or my last option is a bicycle as I dont want to buy anything which runs on fuel.
  11. I am looking for computer controlled LED / Digital Display & Message Boards. Like: http://www.london-electronics.com/large ... custom.php Where can I find them? Something like these examples below!
  12. It's not the best zoo in the world, but the way they have managed to get the animals survive & maintained the place to be lush green, it's not really bad at all. But there is always room for improvement.
  13. News Source: Hackers have breached the online network of the PlayStation 3 videogame console, endangering the personal data of millions (about 77 million). Sony has shut down the network in response to what could be the largest such online heist ever. http://blog.us.playstation.com/2011/04/ ... -qriocity/ http://www.dw-world.de/dw/article/0,,15032149,00.html http://www.foxnews.com/scitech/2011/04/ ... ck-attack/ I don't have a PS online network account. But kinda surprised to hear such news and that too SONY. Hope you guys are not affected. News says this hack is going down into history books. Biggest ever hack!
  14. My friend picked the 64gb ipad 2 with 3g yesterday from Eureka for KD 309
  15. I recently signed-up for Audiobooks membership at http://www.Audible.com Later realized that whenever I browsed without sign-in, all my favourite books were found. But everytime I signed in and browsed for audiobooks I could 'not' find more than 50-80% of what I wanted. I contacted them and they said there are territorial digital rights & restrictions etc. As an example, below is the difference I found even on AMAZON Kindle Store › Kindle eBooks Your Country or Region: Middle East Kindle eBooks: 47 Your Country or Region: United States Kindle eBooks: over 900,000+ Now I am only guessing using VPN is one way to beat that (I hope); but is there any reliable & quality solution other than VPN? Prob is I won't be needing VPN regularly as I will be occassionally downloading books thru the year. So spending say 80$ on VPN is kinda steep. But if VPN is the only loud & clear way out, I will. Any suggestions other than VPN? BTW is there any good PAY-AS-YOU-GO VPN service?
  16. BTW Trazx I don't see a issue with you posting links etc here. If anything I think the mods can take care of that. Arsda has a request too!
  17. Thanks a lot Traxz! The good stuff you mentioned sounds geeky already - you have a new PM
  18. I cannot confirm that as I am not yet a kindle user. I think its not tied to your registration details. I have a doubt (but you could be right too). For US Audible there are restrictions for sure confirmed. All I know is they know if you are browsing from the mid-east. You are probably lucky to find your books as most do not have restrictions.
  19. Thanks everyone for your replies! I will try hotspotshield
  20. I had the opportunity to drive the 2011 brand new Tucson for a few days. All I can say is it's a nice car. PACKED with features. Name it & you have it, except for a radar cruise control. Includes even a Reverse Cam in the inside rear view mirror. A/C is not as top notch as the Japanese cars Slightly sluggish engine. Don't expect it to be a sports performer. The interior cabin space is kinda confined and claustrophobic (I personally don't like it) It's priced somewhere at 7,000 KD The local dealer get's only the top full option spec & hence no mid spec variants (which brings the price down). KIA makes a very similar model called the Sporatge which is 6,000 KD (price, looks & feature-wise its a charm) If serious on the Tucson, I suggest you take it for a spin on a day's rental from HERTZ (Kuwait Airport). I always advise my friends to rent as much as possible before spending this kinda money! I personally like the Hyundai Santa-Fe (8,000 KD) and Veracruz (9 or 10,000 KD). Both driven and seriously nice cars too. Yeah, the price tag is kinda steep (again bcoz the local dealer get's only the top full option spec) All I can say is HYUNDAI & KIA do not make bad cars anymore! These brands have managed to eat Toyota/Nissan/Honda sales from just about every possible market in the world. Good-luck!
  21. I was rejected when I tried for my sister; you can apply for blood relations only! Father, Mother, Wife & Children. Anyone other than that = try with wasta = anything possible!
  22. I believe its 250KD minimum to bring wife/mother Yes, I second this- --- 250KD is the minimum salary to sponsor a family member to come over to Kuwait. x1 / 250 KD is correct!
  23. Welcome to the forum. I hope this is not the new rule. But you never know here. Cajie is right, this is the form (RELATIONSHIP AFFIDAVIT) that has to be attested from the Indian Embassy 1st and later from the MOFA. http://www.indembkwt.org/pendind/forms/ ... idavit.pdf Source: http://www.indembkwt.org/pendind/passport.php Hint: You can fill a max of upto 4 relatives on the same form. Example both parents (+ Wife/Kin etc) on the same Affidavit. So the same Affidavit is gets used when applying for either of them even at different timings. This form should be returned back to you after verification. If your friend had not done the (RELATIONSHIP AFFIDAVIT) yet, than do the same and hopefully they won't ask for the Birth Certificate.
  24. Thanks Stig for the price! It's a dream ride at the moment. I am sure EVO guys will know about Q8mods.com They have posted about Evo X – Stage 1 performance! Nice stuff >> http://www.q8mods.com/?p=715
  25. Try contacting some Photo studios around and they might know of someone who can repair here in Kuwait. Also try Dubai. Hopefully Dubai should have better repair shops. My older model Minolta Digi cam was supposed to be sent to Dubai for repair by the local Kuwait Sony workshop (Sony took-over Minolta few years back). But cost was a issue because my Cam was bit old. Good luck!