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  1. Aloha People ! Due to the dearth of a number of wanted titles, I am looking forward to buying/selling and trading sci-fi ,fantasy and horror books (no harry potter, twilight etc CRAP!) I have some interesting stuff, and am sure other people here will have too. If you have fantasy series sets that would be great. So let me know. I already am a frequenter of q8books and better books (the only two used book stores in kuwait) but they severely lack in this regard.
  2. man ur desperation is showing actually talking to that other guitarist/voc dude.....lets meet up with him soon...he sounds more sincere than that last @#$! "power metal" @#%%!~!
  3. hey u r the only guy on he forum who showed love for industrial / electro-metal ? i love tons of similar bands, and play/record a similar style ur probably the only other person in kwt who likes skinny puppy and hanzel und gretyl
  4. yeah also his hero is gone (one of my fav bands ever) and tragedy...even like the bremner school of germany (morser, acme, carol etc) though thats closer to grind
  5. man shows in kuwait ??!!! read the other threads here on dat subject but yeah we can record.....and maybe private shows...if there's ppl interested i honestly havent heard the bands you mentioned except terror and blood for blood i like a lotta exploited style stuff, some seige type stuff and definitely amebix type of bands also love old DRI , old suicidal tend., cro-mags etc.... NOT a fan of the nu breakdown school either....@#$! dat scene
  6. hell yeah ! what do u play ? i am into a lot of hardcore....crust /d-beat / crossover /old punk etc i dig terror and i used to love blood for blood...what did u think of keepers of the faith
  7. nice to see ppl with good taste on this forum ... i like the more harder improv type stuff but still jazz . try : Zu Last Exit Peter Brotzzman Massacre Steve Coleman and the 5 Elements
  8. there is NO nutmeg in is definitely banned as he first reply point looking for it.....
  9. I am looking for any cd by a famous saudi folk singer Saad Jumaa besides some rm files from 6arab i haven't been able to get anything could anyone recommend a shop in kuwait who might have him ? it is truly intense spiritual music, and despite me not knowing arabic, it still connects
  10. I'll PM my number to the interested and we can talk Reaper : Best DAW in the world !!!
  11. Hi, I'm looking for rock / metal musicians to jam and collaborate with. Into almost all genres (death, black, thrash, grind, post, indie, goth, industrial ) EXCEPT emo, screamo and nu-metalcore influences include : Dissection, Vader, Origin, Napalm Death , Iggy Pop, Fields of Nephilim ,Sisters of Mercy, Cure, Neurosis, Ministry, Nevermore, Type O Negative, Faith No More, Aphex Twin, QOTSA, Kyuss I play guitars, bass , keys, drums , synths and do vocals (clean, growls) and need similar multi-instrumentalists or even one instrument guys or gals seriously into making music Been releasing music online since 2001.....type in Burzukh into google to find more about the music
  12. if u guys have good net connections, why dont you just download the music... hit the blogs using gogole blog search try searching "ram narayan" "ustad bismillah khan" "ustad allah rakha" failing that PM me and i will let you have whatevevr you want
  13. i was done studying (as opposed to watching ) conspiracy therories when these kids got their first cameras....IMHO they are at least 40 % on the right path (along with theri major inspiration : abdullah hashem of hashem films) but like most modern theories muddle it up with too much schtick...that is how the truth is often hidden..deep in a well of lies..... some basic facts (NOT theories) : -there is a plan for a world control/governance by a powerful politival-military-economical lobby....whose main tools are the US/allied military, capitalist banking, mainstream media and multinationals -most citizens of the modern world are mere sheep.....more interested in a new mall opening, a new designer outlet, posh resturaunt etc rather than actually interssted in maturing themselves mentally and spiritually as well as truly understanding the world they live in... -there is some kind of synchronicity to world events that cannot be anything but planned -muslims are on a hitlist...unfortunately the hitters also include other muslims
  14. i have tons of albums...including a massive primer....classical indian music is based around raags....they are like scale.....there are at least 300 raags.... and performers are 99.9 5 from diffrent gharanas (traditional musical households)...each householed is at least 200-300 years old and has a partcular expertise.... usually perfomrance center around a particular instrument...with a few supporting is not notation based and almots 100 5 improvised....pieces / perfromances avry from 15 mins to 1 hour plus the mina start instruments are sitar, shani, tabla, sarod, sarangi (my fav) it is easily one of the most intense emotional music in the world..and nothing like the crap india/paksitan/bangladesh produce now
  15. @ sameer : cool dat u mentioned cure, tears for fear and flock of sea gulls...its inice to see classy choices (almost) all around my favs : killing joke - love like blood iron maiden - wasted years metallica - battery fields of nephilim - dawn razor queensryche - queen of the reich motorhead - ironfist discharge - protest and survive guns n roses - its so easy suicidal tendencies - controlled by hatred anthrax - finale nuclear assault - new song david bowie - scary monsters.... metal church - beyond the black and tons and tons me it was the decade of decades musically........just age talking i guess.......